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Taiwan Studies Staff

Professor Robert F Ash
Founder of the Centre of Taiwan Studies
Bob Ash
China’s economic development in the 20th and 21st centuries (especially agricultural and rural change, demographic and employment issues, consumption and living standards); evolution of ‘Greater China’; economic development of Taiwan and cross-Strait economic relations
  • Tel: 020 7898 4525
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  • Room: S134
  • Academic Support Hours: By email appointment
Dr Dafydd Fell
Director of the Centre of Taiwan Studies
Dafydd Fell
Contemporary Taiwanese Politics: Elections, Parties, Democratization
  • Tel: 020 7898 4206
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  • Room: 209
  • Academic Support Hours: Terms 2&3: Wednesdays, 11am-1pm and by appointment
  • On Sabbatical:Term 1, 2019/20

Dr Bi-Yu Chang
Deputy Director (Center of Taiwan Studies)
Bi-Yu Chang
Cultural politics; identity politics; spatial construction and cartographic representation; nationalism in Taiwan.
  • Tel: 020 7898 4508
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  • Room: 364
  • Academic Support Hours: Term 1: Wednesday 1-3pm and by appointment
Professor Bernhard Fuehrer
Bernhard Fuehrer
Classical Chinese philology, rhetoric, philosophy and literature; the history of Sinology in Europe; reception of the canon with specific reference to the Analects
  • Tel: +44(0) 20 7898 4218
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  • Room: 398
  • Academic Support Hours: Tuesdays 12-1pm

Dr Ernest Caldwell
Ernest Caldwell

Public Law in China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia; Environmental Constitutionalism;  History of Environmental Law; Biodiversity and Law; Natural Resources and Law; Wildlife Law and Policy; Wildlife Trafficking

  • Tel: +44 (0)207 898 4645
  • Email:
  • Room: S327
  • Academic Support Hours: By Appointment (ec24)

Research Associates

Mr Chang Tieh-chih
Non Resident Research Associate
Chang Tieh-Chih

An influential Taiwanese writer who writes about politics, culture and music for major media in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and international media.

Chief Advisor, Business Next (A news media outlet focusing on technology, business and creativity)

Chief editor and Host of Talk to Taiwan (A weekly web-TV program on politics and culture, and has been featured in the Monocle magazine.)

Dr Ming-Yeh Rawnsley
Research Associate
Ming-Yeh Rawnsley

 A specialist in Chinese-language cinema (in particular Taiwan cinema) and the media and democratization in Taiwan

Dr Niki Alsford
Research Associate
Niki Alsford

Current Position: Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies in University of Central Lancashire 

Visiting Academics