SOAS University of London

Centre of Taiwan Studies

2019 Taiwan Studies Summer School

Brian Hioe, Tommy Kwan, Shen Ko-shang, Fu Yue, Lin Pei-yin, Leon Kunz, Sylvia Feng, Lucie Liu

Date: 17 June 2019Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 21 June 2019Time: 6:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings

Type of Event: Summer School

12th SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School

SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies
17th-21st June 2019

The SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies Summer School is free to attend and open to all. To register to attend this year's Summer School, please complete our registration form

Speaker Collage

Key Themes

  • Documenting Taiwan

  • Family relations

  • Social movements

  • Gender Studies


  • Brian Hioe (Editor of New Bloom Magazine)

  • Fu Yue (Golden Horse Award Winning Film Director)

  • Leon Kunz (SOAS PhD Candidate)

  • Dr. Lin Pei-yin (Associate Professor at the School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong)

  • Lucie Liu (Director of taipeilove*) 

  • Shen Ko-sheng (Acclaimed Documentary Director)

  • Sylvia Feng (Producer of On Happiness Road and Island Nation)

  • Tommy Kwan (SOAS PhD Candidate and Author)


Day 1: Monday, 17th June 2019
Venue:KLT 09:00-21:00
Time Topic Speaker
10.00-11.00 Registration and Welcome Remarks Dafydd Fell (羅達菲)Chang Bi-yu (張必瑜)
11.00-12.45 New Bloom Magazine Brian Hioe (丘琦欣)
12.45-13.45 Break
13.45-14.45 Book Launch: Learnings From Solitude (孤獨課) Tommy Kwan
14.45-15.15 Break
Film Screening A Rolling Stone (53 min)築巢人 with Director’s Q&A
Shen Ko-shang (沈可尚)
Film Screening Love Talk (86 min) 幸福定格 With Director’s Q&A
Shen Ko-shang (沈可尚)
Day 2: Tuesday, 18th June 2019
Venue: 4426 9:30-12:00; KLT 13:00-18:00; BGLT 18:00-21:00
PhD Presentations
Time Topic Speaker
9.30-1200 PhD Presentations Adrian Chiu, Wu Yi-Cheng, Chen Jing-han, Jooyoung Oh, Martin Boyle
1300-1500 Challenges of Documentary Making in Taiwan Shen Ko-shang (沈可尚), Brian Hioe (丘琦欣) and Sylvia Feng (馮賢賢)
1500-1530 Break
15.30-17.30 The characteristics of the art of the Sunflower Movement Brian Hioe (丘琦欣)
1800-21.00BGLT Film Screening Our Youth in Taiwan我們的青春,在台灣 (2 hours) with Director’s Q&A Fu Yue (傅榆)
Day 3: Wednesday, 19th June 2019
Venue: 4426 & 4429 09:00-13:00; KLT 13:00-21:00
Time Topic Speaker
0930-1230 Student Presentations Lucy Gilder, Carmen Westphal, Chantal Rietdijk,  Gray Sergeant, Marie Joëlle Odile Baranger, Thomas Wilkinson, Lai Yu-Chen, Christina Vassell, Aoife Cantrill, Sam Robbins
1230-1330 Break
1330-1530 Book Launch: Positioning Taiwan in a Global Context Chang Bi-yu, Lin Pei-yin
15.30-1600 Break
1600-1730 Progressive or Immoral: Representations of the Modern Girl in Print Media of 1930s Taiwan Lin Pei-yin
18.00-20.00 Roundtable on Fieldwork Interviewing Leon Kunz, Tommy Kwan, Brian Hioe, Dafydd Fell, Chang Bi-yu
Day 4: Thursday, 20th June 2019
Venue: KLT 09:00-13:00; B103 13:00-15:00; KLT 15:00-22:00
Time Topic Speaker
1000-12.00KLT Film Screening: Taiwan Province of China不曾消失的台灣省 (24 mins) with Director’s Q&A Fu Yue (傅榆)
1200-1330 Break
13.30-1500B103 Does deliberative democracy matter? The experience of social movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong Leon Kunz
1500-1530 Break
1530-1730KLT The relation of the referendum and various single-issue social movements such as the marriage equality movement and anti-nuclear movement Brian Hioe (丘琦欣)
18.00-20.00 Making of Island Nation 國際橋牌社 Sylvia Feng (馮賢賢)
Day 5: Friday, 21st June 2019
Venue: KLT 09:00-20:00
Time Topic Speaker
0930-1200 Film Screening of taipeilove* with Director's Q&A Lucie Liu
12.30-1430 Sylvia Feng on Taiwan’s Public Television Sylvia Feng (馮賢賢)
1430-1500 Break
1500-1800 Film Screening: On Happiness Road 幸福路上 (110 Mins)With Producer Q&A  Sylvia Feng (馮賢賢)

PhD & Student Presenters (All welcome to attend)

Adrian Chiu, "Transnational friendship and China Factor: The Case of Hong Kong-Taiwan party interactions"

Aoife Cantrill, "The politics of translating Yang Qianhe's kominka text Hanasaku Kisetsu (Flower Blooming Season)"

Carmen Westphal, "How effective is China in trying to influence Taiwanese democracy?"

Chantal Rietdijk, "Social Housing as a Post-Political Project"

Chen Jing-Han, "How do overseas Taiwanese frame their legal status when their Taiwanese identity is denied?"

Christina Vassell, " the notion of place as both "home" and "exile" in light of the geopolitical history of [trans]nationalism in mainland china and the narrations of island-ness and subjectivity in Taiwanese literature"

Gray Sergeant, "Explaining the Success of Post-Protest Political Parties After Taiwan’s Sunflower And Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movements"

Lucy Gilder, "Strategies Taiwanese queer activist groups use to promote, among other things, marriage equality"

Oh Jooyoung, "I rather stay here as "Guest": research on Hakka Identity in Taiwan"

Marie Joëlle Odile Baranger, "Abortion politics as a three-sided issue: Comparing Japan and Taiwan"

Martin Boyle, "Huadu: Accounting for Taiwan's Maintenance of its de facto Independence"

Sam Robbins, "The Democratization of “unsafety”: Framing Taiwan’s “Danger Wave” of 1996-1998"

Thomas Wilkinson, "How do East Asian Indigenous peoples exercise their ‘Rights to Self-determination’ and participate in the political process? A bottom up comparison of the politics of the indigenous people of Taiwan and Northern Japan"

Wu Yi-Cheng, "Passage to rites/rights: Indigenous Drinking Practice in Taiwan"

Organiser: SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies

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