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2017 SOAS Taiwan Studies Summer School

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Speakers & Performers: Ado Kaliting Pacidal, Hsieh Ming-Yu, Tobie Openshaw, Valerie Soe, Chi Ta-Wei, Chang Tieh-chih, Meredith Schweig, Lin Chen-yu, Hsieh Chinlin

Date: 3 July 2017Time: 9:00 AM

Finishes: 7 July 2017Time: 9:00 PM

Venue: Russell Square: College Buildings Room: KLT, DLT, G3, SWLT

Type of Event: Summer School

10th SOAS Taiwan Studies Summer School

SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies

3 July to 7 July 2017

Key themes:

  • Taiwan indigenous media
  • Taiwanese (Taiyu 台語) music
  • The rap scene in Taiwan
  • Music of Jay Chou (周杰倫) and Mayday (五月天)
  • Taiwan's gay past in song and film
  • Documenting Taiwanese society and politics
  • Taiwan and Hong Kong media
  • Post martial-law in Taiwan
  • Research Training Seminars in Taiwan Studies
  • The making of documentary Love Boat: Taiwan
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  • Ado Kaliting Pacidal
  • Hsieh Ming-Yu 謝銘祐
  • Tobie Openshaw
  • Valerie Soe (San Francisco State University)
  • Chi Ta-Wei (National Chengchi University)
  • Chang Tieh-chih 張鐵志
  • Meredith Schweig (Emory University)
  • Lin Chen-yu (University of Liverpool)
  • Hsieh Chinlin
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Day 1: Monday, 3 July, 2017

Venues: KLT and DLT in College Building, SOAS Russell Square Campus

Time Topic Speaker/Performer (s)
0900-1000 Registration: KLT
1000-1200 Welcome remarks: KLT
Film and Homosexuality under Martial Law Taiwan: KLT Chi Ta-wei 紀大偉
1200-1300                                               Lunch
1300-1500 Hsieh Ming-Yu (1): Tracing the Journey of Hoklo (Taiyu) Songs 台語歌在台灣的足跡: KLT Hsieh Ming-Yu 謝銘祐
1500-1530 Break - KLT
1530-1730 Meredith Schweig (1): Polyphonic Adventures in the History of Taiwan Rap: Xiha, Raoshe, Liām-kua -KLT Meredith Schweig
1730-1800 Break - KLT
1900-2100 Concert by Ado - DLT Ado Kaliting Pacidal      林阿洛
2100-2200 Wine Reception - DLT
Day 2: Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Venues:  KLT, College Building, SOAS Russell Square Campus

Time Topic Speaker/Performer(s)
1000-1200 Popular Music and the Sense of ‘Place’ in Taipei and Liverpool: Cases on Mayday, Jay Chou, and the Beatles Lin Chen-yu
1300-1500 Hsieh Ming-Yu (2): My Hoklo (Taiyu) Song Compositions我的台語歌創作 Hsieh Ming-Yu 謝銘祐
1500-1530 Break
1530-1730 Ado Kaliting Pacidal (1): Ado's Musical Journey Ado Kaliting Pacidal林阿洛
1730-1900 Break
1900-2200 Concert by Hsieh Ming-Yu Hsieh Ming-Yu 謝銘祐
Day 3: Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Venue: DLT, College Building, SOAS Russell Square Campus

Time Topic Speaker/Performer(s)
1000-1200 Meredith Schweig (2): Scholars, Generals, and Other Outsiders: Masculinity Politics in the Taiwan Rap Scene Meredith Schweig
1200-1300 Break
1300-1500 Ado Kaliting Pacidal (2): The Development of Taiwanese Indigenous Media Ado Kaliting Pacidal林阿洛
1500-1530                                                       Break
1530-1730 Talk to Taiwan: The Changing Media Environment in Taiwan Chang Tieh-chih 張鐵志
1730-1800 Break
1800-2000 Panel Discussion: Perspectives on 30 Years since the Lifting of Martial Law in Taiwan Chang Bi-yu, Chang Tieh-chih, Charles Chen, Dafydd Fell, Ian Inkster, Lin Chen-yu and Stuart Thompson
Day 4: Thursday, 6 July 2017

Venues: DLT and TBC, College Building, SOAS Russell Square Campus

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PG Research Training Seminar
Panel 1 (Social Sciences): DLT
Time Presenter/Topic
1000-1130 Huang Ching-yu 黃競妤 (SOAS): The impact of electoral systems on female representation in parliament
Lin Yung 林咏 (SOAS): How have social movements in Taiwan in the past ten years impacted on its diplomacy in East Asia?
Mark Hoskin (SOAS): Complicity of Britain, the USA, and the USSR: Japanese Colonisation of Taiwan and Hostilities against China
Panel 2 (Humanities): SWLT
1000-1130 Matt Taylor (SOAS): Taiwan’s popular music
Lee Meng-chian李孟謙 (Leeds): Staging Cultural Identity: The Intercultural Adaptation of the Western Canon in Taiwanese Theatre
Oisin Maguire (SOAS): Role of coffeeshops in Taiwanese social movements.
1130-1200 Break: DLT
Panel 1 (Social Sciences): DLT
1200-1300 Chang, Jung-Chun (SOAS): Exploring Taiwan’s major political parties’ and general people’s national identities
Tang Tanzhe (King’s College London): Identify potential supporters from opposition party: The case of presidential election in Taiwan
Panel 2 (Humanities): SWLT
1200-1300 Chen Yiju 陳怡儒 (SOAS): From Specialty Food to Food Festival: A Case of Meinong White Jade Radish Festival in Taiwan
Yang Hsuan 楊璿 (SOAS): Assimilation and competition between the ethnical groups in Taiwan through the lens of home cooking
1300-1400 Light Lunch: DLT
1400-1530 Chou Han-hua (SOAS): The Crisis of Neoliberal Transition in Taiwan
Leon Kunz (SOAS): Comparing how activists in Taiwan and Hong Kong conceive and practice democracy.
Huang Jiun (RCA) Film screening: Chapter 2: The Versions of Us / Chapter 2: From Me, to Us
Film Screening

Ms Hsieh Chinlin 謝慶齡: Film Screening of Flowers of Taipei: Taiwan New Cinema (光陰的故事-台灣新電影) with Director's Q&A

Day 5: Friday, 7 July 2017

Venues: G3, College Building and SWLT, in Senate House

Time Topic Speaker
1300-1500 Tobie Openshaw (1): The Power of Saying “Sorry” – One year after the apology to Taiwan’s indigenous peoples Tobie Openshaw
1500-1530 Break
1530-1730 Tobie Openshaw (2): Sunflowers in the Streets: A personal journey documenting a movement Tobie Openshaw
1730-1800 Break
1800-2000 Global Politics on an Intimate Scale: Creating the Love Boat: Taiwan documentary: SWLT Valerie Soe


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