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Director's Teaching Prize 2020-2021

The Director’s Teaching Prize was established in order to recognize excellence in teaching and the promotion of learning within the School. The School recognizes the need to celebrate achievements in the field of inclusive and innovative learning and teaching, as well as to acknowledge teaching and teaching-related scholarly and/or creative activities.

Nominations for this year's prize are now open. We are taking nominations for the following categories:

Innovative teaching

The Award Panel will be looking for evidence in support of one or more of the following criteria:
Making a significant contribution to innovation in

  • Curriculum Design
  • Assessment
  • Teaching deliver

Enhancing the student learning experience by using imaginative ways of teaching
Being creative in including new media support into lectures, seminars or tutorials

Inclusive Teaching

The Award Panel will be looking for evidence in support of one or more of the following criteria:

  • Manges the dynamics of he classroom so that all students participate and in particular those from minoritized groups. Facilitates non oppressive participation
  • Uses innovative teaching and assessment methods and includes the voices of students and minorisited groups
  • Is mindful of their own positionality and understands and/or is open to learn about the positionality and cultural differences at play for others but also perceives the individual within that context
  • Is thoughtful in the provision of additional and contextual material, which provides decolonised analysis, and a broader range of resources and references
  • Proactively encourages minoritized students to access support and frames this in a way that is structural rather than individualistic or based on a deficit model.

Inspirational Teaching

 The Award Panel will be looking for evidence in support of one or more of the following criteria:

  • Encouraging students’ independent critical thinking and taking responsibility for their own learning and research strategy
  • Promoting motivating, inspiring and stimulating learning
  • Having an exceptional impact on the student learning experience
  • Stimulating students’ intellectual curiosity and interest in ways which will inspire their commitment to learning and research.

Academic Advisors

This is a new category; the award panel will be looking at the following criteria;

  • Did they assist new and existing students to settle in to SOAS life?
  • Have they contacted and met students as a group or individually on a regular basis?
  • Informed the department office if students were ‘giving cause for concern’ 
  • Monitored students’ well-being by referring them to the well-being team
  • How has the academic advisor enhanced the student experience at SOAS?

Professional Support Staff

The award for support staff is intended to recognize any member of staff at SOAS who has had an important impact on students’ university experience but does not work in strictly academic positions.
Students spend a lot of time at SOAS where they are helped by hundreds of members of staff in a range of facilities and services such as the Library, Student Advice and Wellbeing, IT, Learning and Teaching Development (formerly ADD), the Careers Office, Registry, Faculty support staff etc.

These services provide invaluable study skills, research, information technology, SPLD support and personal development workshops and events, and help make SOAS what it is.

The Award Panel will be looking for evidence in support of one or more of the following criteria:

  • Providing outstanding support to students and staff
  • Providing clear, prompt and friendly communication
  • Innovation of process
  • Providing the School with a positive example of good practice in student engagement
  • Developing a sense of community at the School

How can I nominate?

You can submit your nomination – Click here

Why should I nominate?

This is your chance to highlight those members of staff who have really made a difference in improving your SOAS experience – the person may be an inspirational teacher, has designed innovative assessment techniques, provides exceptional support for students or for any other reason – it is up to you! The most important point is that you use your nomination to recognise and reward the people who make the experience of SOAS the best it can be.

Who can I nominate?

You can nominate any member of the SOAS that contributed to your learning experience. The award recognises and rewards members of staff who have made an outstanding contribution to teaching and the provision of support for students.

Am I eligible to nominate someone for a Teaching Award?

Any SOAS student or staff member can nominate someone for any of the Director’s Teaching Prize categories.
How do I write a good nomination?

Director’s Teaching Prize judges need specific and detailed information to make their decisions. It will strengthen your nomination if you include the reasons why you believe your nominee is unique and as many examples of good practice as you can think of.

When is the closing date for the nominations?

Nominations are now open until 30th June 2020.