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Room Booking FAQs

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions about room booking at SOAS. Please read these carefully, and if your question is not answered, please contact us at

  • How do I make a one-off room booking at SOAS?

    If you are a member of SOAS staff please use the Staff Web Room Booking system (WRB), this enables you to search for AVAILABLE rooms and submit a booking request.  Confirmation of your booking will be received via an email, usually the same day.

    To access the Web Room Booking system please go to: Room Booking

    and log in using your SOAS Staff ID (example: xy75) and password.

    Students can book rooms via course tutors for study sessions, via the Student Union for Societies or hire space via the Conference Office.

    If you do not work at SOAS but wish to hire a room or hold an event here please speak to our Conference Office.

  • How can I check my room bookings?

    You will always receive a confirmation email when you have successfully completed a room booking.

    Additionally, you can check your bookings by logging into WRB, and selecting ‘my bookings’ from the options at the bottom of the page

    You will also see your bookings, once they have been confirmed, reflected on the online timetable.

  • How do I cancel my room booking?
    You need to log into WRB, select ‘my bookings’ from the options at the bottom of the page then click on the ‘cancel’ button on the far right hand side of the appropriate booking.  Please take the time to cancel bookings you don’t need via WRB, this prevents unwanted bookings taking up rooms which would otherwise be free for colleagues to use.
  • Can I request to book a specific room or building on WRB?

    WRB selects appropriate, free rooms depending upon the requirements entered. You cannot request a specific room via WRB, but if you enter appropriate details and the room in question is free it will appear as an option to book.

    If you want to check a specific room is free prior to making a booking request, you can do this by looking at the current room timetables.

    It is possible to specify preferred building or campus by selecting from the appropriate drop-down lists in part 3 of the request form.

    WRB will then only show you free rooms which fit the parameters you have selected.

  • Where can I find out more about accessibility?

    To find out more about accessibility of rooms at SOAS; please go to: Access to SOAS Buildings

  • Can I request a room with a specific layout?

    When making a booking with WRB it is possible to specify preferred room layout by selecting from the appropriate drop-down lists in part 3 of the request form.

    WRB will then only show you free rooms which fit the parameters you have selected.

    If you require a complete change of layout (e.g. for an exam) you must make sure that the room is booked for sufficient time both before and after your event to allow furniture to be moved. Please inform the Conference Office when you have made your booking and they will arrange the furniture moves.

  • Can I search for rooms with specific audio visual equipment?

    You can specify the kind of audio visual equipment you require by selecting one or more items from the pick list 'Room Type and Equipment' (To select more than one item from the list press the 'control' key on your computer whilst selecting items with your mouse).

    WRB will then only show you free rooms which fit the parameters you have selected.

  • How do I get help with using audio visual equipment?

    If you want to book help to operate audio visual equipment, or arrive at your room to find it is not working, please contact or call 020 7898 4950 (4950 from a SOAS phone).

    WRB does not automatically book help with equipment.

  • How can I order refreshments?

    To order refreshments please contact Conference Office

    WRB cannot book refreshments directly.

  • How do I report a problem with my room?

    If you need to report a problem in your room with furniture, fixtures and fittings, heating or cleaning, please contact Campus Services

    If the problem needs urgent attention please call 020 7898 4900 (ex. 4900 on a SOAS phone).

  • What should I do if someone else is using my room?

    If you arrive at the room you have booked to find someone else using the room, there are a number of options.

    You can check who has the correct booking by looking at the room timetables outside the door of each classroom, or look at the online timetable.

    If there is still a dispute over who has the correct booking, please call the timetable office on 020 7898 4824, we can offer confirmation, and also check for alternative accommodation for one of the parties involved.

    Whilst is not possible to book more than one activity into a room on our room booking system, problems such as this are usually caused by people having out of date information, over extending a booking or simply using a room without a formal booking.

  • When can I make one-off room booking for the new Academic Year?

    You can book available meeting rooms and classrooms outside of teaching time up until May 2019.

    It is only possible to make one-off requests for teaching rooms in term time once the teaching timetable, including tutorials, is pretty much finalised.

    We understand that this can cause some minor inconvenience, but we also hope that you appreciate that, within teaching rooms, your teaching must be our first priority.

  • What are the room booking terms and conditions at SOAS?

    Please refer to the Room Booking Terms and Conditions