SOAS University of London

Teaching Room Usage

Please note the following guidelines for the use of the School's teaching rooms.

Classroom Etiquette

The School is investing extensively in teaching room furniture and equipment, please help us to keep your environment in the best condition possible. 

Teaching rooms at SOAS are cleaned and reset every morning but are very heavily used during the day and evening. 

We rely on you to treat the teaching rooms with respect and to leave them as you would wish to find them.

Please don't leave rubbish, spilt coffee etc. in rooms and if you re-arrange or remove furniture, please return it to its original place at the end of your class.

Official School Timetable

The rooms booked for your teaching are those, and only those, which are showing as booked on the official online School timetable.

Rooms are only booked for teaching weeks of term. If you need to use a room outside these times, please book this separately.

If you need to use a different room to the one allocated for a one-off change, please book this via web room booking. If a permanent change is needed or a room is booked to you which you do not require, please inform the timetable office so that rooms can be released for the use of others.

Timing of Classes

Classes start at 5 minutes past the hour and should finish at 5 minutes to the hour. Please ensure you vacate the classroom promptly to allow the class after you to start on time.

Classroom Equipment

All teaching rooms are provided with board erasers and board markers, please do not remove them.

Extra supplies can be obtained from reception desks in each building or from Faculty Offices.

Please ensure you use non-permanent markers on whiteboards, and be careful not to write on pull-down screens by mistake. Please make sure you clean the whiteboard fully after use. Permanent markers cannot be ordered from the School’s stationery suppliers and should not be brought to the School from outside.

Eating and Drinking in classrooms

Consumption of hot food is not allowed in classrooms.

Please clean up spilt drinks and take any food waste with you for disposal when you leave.

Classroom Furniture

Please do not remove furniture or equipment from teaching rooms, if your group becomes too large for the room allocated, please contact the timetable office to be allocated a new room. If you urgently need to borrow a chair, you must return it to where you found it at the end of your session. 

Like wise if you re-arrange furniture in the room please ensure that the original layout is put back in place before you leave.

If you require a complete change of furniture (e.g. for an exam) please contact the Conference Office; you must make sure that the room is booked for sufficient time both before and after your event to allow furniture to be moved.

Further, please do not place furniture in corridors, as this constitutes a health and safety hazard. 

Noise in Classrooms

SOAS has a busy, lively atmosphere and music is a part of this, however, SOAS is also a place for quiet study.

Musical bookings should only be placed in specialised music rooms; noisy events cannot take place during the core teaching day (9-6pm).

If you are planning an event that you think may be noisy please contact us for advice about suitable locations.

Useful Contacts

Please note contact details for those involved in teaching room provision: