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SOAS Timetable Policy

The SOAS Timetable Policy was reviewed prior to the Academic Year 2014/15.

The Learning and Teaching Quality Committee approved this revised timetable policy on June 4th 2014.

1. Teaching day and week

  1. The core teaching day is from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Notwithstanding the below constraints, all full-time academic staff should be available to teach within these hours.
  2. Wednesday afternoons should be kept free from undergraduate teaching.
  3. Classes should start at 5 minutes past the hour and finishing promptly at 5 minutes to the hour.
  4. In accordance with the block system, which seeks to reduce clashes, two-hour classes can only start at the following times: 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm.

2. Constraints on teaching availability

  1. All full-time academic staff are guaranteed at least one day a week free from timetabled teaching activities.
  2. Favourable consideration will be given to members of staff with children under six years old,  or with caring responsibilies, or with recognised disabilities.
  3. Teaching will not be scheduled at the same time as regular internal seminars or departmental events which individual academic staff are expected to attend when the Timetable Co-ordinator is informed of this restriction.

3. Timetable Construction

  1. Academics can request a teaching slot but it cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Lectures should be ‘locked’ in position, and given first priority when allocating rooms. Tutorials will be fitted in around these lectures, in keeping with staff availability as detailed above.
  3.  The lecture timetable will be published at the end of May

4. Teaching rooms

  1. Teaching rooms are allocated on a best-fit basis.
  2. Activities involving staff or students with a disability will be appropriately timetabled.
  3. There is no distinction to be made between the School’s various buildings (College Buildings, Brunei Gallery, Faber Building, Paul Webley Wing, etc).

5. People attending classes must be registered

Everyone attending a class must be officially enrolled on UNITe ; either as a student, auditor or language entitlement student.

6. Tutorial group sizes

Undergraduate tutorial groups should consist of fifteen students; postgraduate tutorial groups should consist of twelve people.

7. Language Block

Teaching slots on Monday and Wednesday from 9-11am are prioritised for first year core language teaching

8. Requests for timetable change framework

  1. All requests to be made by  designated departmental contact via email, reasons for automatic change being:
    1. Staff Clash
    2. Student Clash (between courses students are expected to take)
    3. Room not large enough
    4. Room too large
    5. Room layout inappropriate
    6. Room unsuitable for purpose
    7. Time slot no longer required
    8. Room needed has accessibility requirements.
  2. Changes for other reasons must be approved by the departmental contact .

9. Adherence to the published timetable, and cancelled courses and room bookings

Academic staff have an individual responsibility to:


  1. Adhere to the latest version of the published timetable (accessible via the SOAS website).
  2. Report to the Timetable Co-ordinator when
    1. Courses are cancelled.
    2. A room booking is no longer required.
    3. They are unable to teach in their allocated room owing to someone else using it.