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Timetable Office

Timetable FAQs for Students

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions asked by students about the production of the new teaching timetable. Please read these carefully, and if your question is not answered please contact us at

  • How can I view next year’s timetable?
    The timetable is available online at Timetable. Please use this link and not any bookmarked links you may have. Also you can download your timetable into your phone / tablet calendar app of choice.

    Please go to MyTimetable

    Once you have logged in, you can ‘Connect to calendar app’ via the Main Menu (three horizontal lines in the top left corner), or the Connect calendar icon in the top right corner below ‘Log out’ of the Desktop site.
  • How is the timetable produced?

    Timetable assess staff availability and student choices during the spring and produce the lecture timetable. 

  • What activities does next year’s timetable include?

    The timetable published in spring contains only lectures or other whole-group classes. Tutorials and room allocations are added later in summer.

  • Will the timetable change before next year?

    Changes to lecture times after the spring publication are only allowed in exceptional circumstances.

  • What do I do if a notice a clash in my timetable?

    SOAS has a very free curriculum with many choices for students.

    Where many students pick a certain combination of modules we undertake to make sure that they are not clashed at the same day and time.

    Occasionally you may have to pick a different option if constraints on teaching staff hours and space mean we cannot move your current choice to a different slot.

    Your faculty office can offer support and advice on choosing and changing modules.

  • When will the final timetable be published?

    The roomed timetable, including tutorials, is published at the beginning of September.

  • Where do I go to request more accessible rooms for my classes?

    Students are encouraged to contact the Disability Office to request accessible timetable arrangements if required.

    More information can be found at the Disability Office