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Timetable FAQs for Students

Here you can find the most commonly asked questions asked by students about the production of the new teaching timetable. Please read these carefully, and if your question is not answered please contact us at

  • How can I view next year’s timetable?
    The timetable is available to view online on the SOAS Timetable Website. Please use this link and not any bookmarked links you may have.

    You can access your personal timetable at MyTimetable. Here, you can download your personal timetable into your phone/tablet calendar app of choice. This service is dynamic, so if the schedule or room of a class changes, the latest information shall be shown on MyTimetable.

    Once you have logged in, you can use the ‘Connect to calendar app’ option via the Main Menu (three horizontal lines in the top left corner), or the “Connect Calendar” icon in the top right corner below ‘Log Out’ of the Desktop site, to export this information to your phone/tablet calendar app of choice.

  • How is the timetable produced?

    We gather information about modules running and staff availability during the spring. At the same time continuing students pick modules for the forthcoming year via student sign-up.

    We then assess this information to produce the lecture timetable.

  • What activities does next year’s timetable include?

    The draft timetable contains only lectures or other whole-group classes. Tutorials and room allocations are added later in summer.

  • Will the timetable change between publication and the start of teaching?

    Changes to lecture times after publication are only allowed in exceptional circumstances.

  • Can I change my module selection?

    Returning Students

    During the module sign-up period in spring returning students can change their selection by re-logging in and choosing again.

    Once module sign-up has finished and the draft timetable published returning students may only change modules in exceptional circumstances and it is imperative that the new selection does not cause a clash in their timetable.

    There is a small window following August exams for those who need to change modules following exam results to do so.

    Change requests will only be accepted via SID

    New Students

    Change requests will only be accepted via SID

  • When will the final timetable be published?

    The roomed timetable, including tutorials, is published mid-September.

  • Where do I go to request more accessible rooms for my classes?

    Students are encouraged to contact the Disability Office to request accessible timetable arrangements if required. We advise students to do this as soon as possible, as this way we can work with you to ensure that provisions are put in place. More information can be found at the Disability Office.

  • When will my personal timetable be available?

    Continuing students

    Personal timetables are available from publication of the draft timetable in early summer.

    You are automatically enrolled on any core modules, your options will appear when you have selected them in module sign-up.

    Tutorials are added to your timetable during the first week of teaching.

    New students

    Personal timetables are available from September.

    You are automatically enrolled on any core modules, your options will appear when you have selected them in module sign-up.

    Tutorials are added to your timetable during the first week of teaching.

    Please note that as several different systems are used to produce the timetable there can be a short delay between selecting modules on sign-up and the changes being reflected on your timetable.

  • I only see Term 1 on my MyTimetable/I don’t see anything on my MyTimetable.

    MyTimetable displays the timetable of the current week. As such, if you are viewing this before teaching starts, the timetable will not display any information and you will need to use the arrow buttons to ensure that the MyTimetable is showing a week in which teaching is happening.

    If you want to look at your timetable for Term 2, you will need to use the arrow buttons to find a teaching week in Term 2.

    If there is no data being displayed in any of these weeks, this would suggest that you have not been enrolled on any modules. If you believe that you should be enrolled on modules, you should contact the SID for more information.

  • There are no tutorials on my timetable.

    Students are not added to tutorials until the start of teaching. Once you have been added to a tutorial, this will appear automatically on your personal timetable (as is available via MyTimetable).

  • Can I choose which tutorial I am allocated to?

    We do not allow students to choose which tutorial group they are allocated to. If you have specific reasons as to why you cannot make a tutorial group, then you should contact the SID with this information.

  • If I am unable to see my personal timetable, how do I find out which tutorial group I have been allocated to?

    If you are fully enrolled on a module, and it is after the start of teaching (when tutorials are allocated), then you should be able to see your personal timetable. If you cannot see your personal timetable, then it is likely that you have not been fully enrolled on your modules and thus you will not have been assigned to a tutorial, you would need to report this to the SID.

  • On MyTimetable, I see multiple tutorials for a module, rather than a single tutorial.

    This would suggest you have overlaid your personal timetable with a separate timetable for that module. You may have done this when looking at the timetable for an individual module. When looking at MyTimetable via the desktop view, ensure that the only option selected (on the right hand side of the screen) is your personal timetable rather than any additional modules.