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Centre for Water and Development

Market solutions for agricultural water scarcity management: Water License Trading in Australia's Murray-Darling Basin

Andrew Gregson and colleagues, New South Wales Irrigators Council (

Date: 5 November 2012Time: 12:00 AM

Venue: 4th Floor Pyramid Room, King's College London (Strand Campus)

Type of Event: Seminar

Note: Internal event not open to external attendees.

Summary: Australia has embarked upon a unique course of recognising agricultural water as a property right, separate from the land on which it is used. The result is the development and evolution of a significant and sophisticated market in water, which has allowed water scarcity to be priced not only to the irrigator but to the end user of the commodities grown.
From the perspective of the water user, the presentation will consider the impacts on production volumes, production techniques, farm and regional productivity to date driven by Australia's market-based approach to water. The potential for international implementation and the resultant impact on global commodity prices is considered. The dynamic capacity for such a system to react to climate change impacts concludes the