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Water and Globalisation

(Partners: ZEF Bonn,  IWE Wageningen, IRS Erkner)
SOAS work in this area includes critical, interdisciplinary and comparative research on the dynamics and impacts of post-Cold War neoliberal globalisation of freshwater governance, management and use, and analysis and design of political context conscious implementation methodologies.
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Water Service Delivery

(Partners: Overseas Development Institute, WaterAid, Africa Water Network, UNDP)
SOAS work in this area includes assessment of the impact of privatisation of water (and other infrastructure); measures to attract private sector investment; the role of the domestic private sector in urban delivery in Africa; equity impact of donor support for urban water systems in Africa. 
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Water Law and Policy

SOAS work in the area of water law and policy focuses on ongoing reforms of the law and policy framework related to water at the international level and in a number of countries in the South. Work focuses in particular on water law and policy reforms in India from measures concerning the implementation of the fundamental right to water to regulatory reforms and dams.
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Water and Catchment Ecosystem Services

(Partners: University of East Anglia, Cornell University, Westcountry Rivers Trust, Association of Rivers Trusts)
SOAS work in this area includes study of the integration of science and governance in catchment management for protection of water resources; comparative analysis of international experience; investigation of the potential of Payments for Ecosystems Services mechanisms to deliver water management improvements.
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Water Security

SOAS research has made a major international contribution to understanding how water scarce regions and economies achieve water security. The concept of the water-food-trade nexus developed at SOAS has become an essential feature in any analysis of water security and just as important as the consideration of water endowments or allocative efficiency. Water security is a global issue and current research is grappling with the conceptualisation and exemplification of the very strategic nexus of water-food-trade-energy-climate change. 
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