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Centre for Water and Development

Ongoing and Completed PhD Research on Water and Development

On this page you will find a list of ongoing and completed SOAS PhD theses which explore questions related to water and development, and links to the researchers' personal pages and to relevant entries in the SOAS library.

Ongoing PhD Research

Büscher, Chris: Public water, private ethos? Exploring financialization, re-regulation and corporatization in global and Mozambican water governance.

Lamba, Amrita: "Strong state-society synergy for inclusive natural resources governance: comparing Brazil and South Africa"

McKee, Musa: "Just add water - the alchemy of authoritarian rule in large-scale agricultural and residential developments in Egyptian deserts during the Mubarak era" (working title)

Completed PhD Theses

Amjad, Urooj (2011) Water Affordability in England and Wales

van Rooyen, Carina (2011) Articulated transformations and accumulation by dispossession: Rand Water in South Africa

Barak, Reut (2010) River basin management in China: can inter-provincial cooperation reduce transboundary pollution?

Gupta, Saurah (2009) The politics of development in rural Rajasthan (India): evidence from water conservation and watershed development initiatives since the early 1990s

Dalton, Geraldine (2008) Financing potable water supply services in rural areas: challenges, approaches and lessons from the PAGER experience in Morocco

Mohieldeen, Yasir (2007) Sudan's Nile waters and the Eastern Nile Basin: Hydropolitics in a highly politicized environment

de Miranda, Adriana (2006) Water architecture in the lands of Syria: the water-wheels

Brichieri-Colombe, Stephen (2005) Who speaks for the river? Optimality, objectives and cooperation on the Nile and Ganges

Elhadj, Elie (2005) Experiments in achieving water and food self-sufficiency in the water-scarce Middle East: the consequences of contrasting endowments, ideologies and investment policies in Saudi Arabia and Syria

Lee, Seung Ho (2004) Transformation of the Shanghai water sector in the reform era: social actors and institutional change

Henley, Alison (2003) Tourism and environmental change: a study of water and waste in the coastal resort of Kovalam, Kerala, examined in the context of pan-Indian environmental issues

Wegerich, Kai (2003) Institutional change in water management at the local and provincial levels in Uzbekistan

Eberhard, Rolfe (2002) Urban water pricing: a critical realist approach

Maizatun, Mustafa (2001) Legal aspects of inland water pollution control in West Malaysia

Nicol, Alan (2001) Contested margins: water resources, decentralisation and the state in the Awash Valley, Ethiopia 1985-1998

Lichtenthaeler, Gerhard (2000) Environment, society and economy in the Sa'dah Basin of Northern Yemen: the role of water

Hanley, Christopher (1999) Water stress: some symptoms and causes: a case study of Ta'iz, Yemen

Nazrul, Islam (1999) Equitable sharing of the water of the Ganges: applicable procedural principles and rules under international law and their adequacy

Hegewald, Julia (1998) Water architecture in South Asia: a study of types, developments and meanings

Chitraporn, Tulawattana (1974) Water resources and agricultural development in the lower basin of the Mekong

Hansman, John (1970) Urban settlement and water utilization in south-western Khuzistan and south-eastern Iraq from Alexander the Great to the Mongol conquest of 1258

Completed MPhil Theses

El Maiar, Salem (2011) Water security in Libya: problems of adopting technological solutions in an era of technological change

Medzini, Arnon (1994) The Euphrates river: an analysis of a shared river system in the Middle East