SOAS University of London

Enrolment confirmation letters for new students

Confirmation of enrolment

During your study at SOAS you may need a document to prove your student status, whether it's for: 

  • council tax exemption
  • opening a bank account
  • immigration purposes — how to apply for a student visa 
  • many other reasons

The certificate of status letter will confirm your:

  • name
  • mode of attendance
  • course title
  • course start and end dates
  • address/es

Once you have completed your enrolment — including paying fees or providing evidence of how they will be paid — we will automatically email to you a certificate of registration which can be used to confirm your student status.

Two ways to request additional documents

If after receiving the student letter you need a document with additional information, the Student Hub can provide this as soon as you are fully enrolled.

  1. make the request via the Student Information Desk (S.I.D.)
  2. or email the Student Hub