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Academic Services: Widening Participation

Secondary Outreach

SOAS is pleased to be able to offer a range of outreach activities for state secondary schools in London, including:

as well as a range of other possibilities.  Activities can take place on campus, or at your school; please explore the links above for further information.

What do people think?

Quotes from secondary school students who have participated in our activities include:

"[I enjoyed] Asking questions about going to university as you get to find out from real students their opinion"

"I enjoyed learning languages (can't choose which one I enjoyed the most).  It is interesting and fun to learn a language that I don't know"

"I learnt how university is different from secondary school"

"I really enjoyed my time here, it was really great, I would really like to come here again!"

"[I enjoyed] learning about what happens around the university because it was fun to learn about"