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Academic Services: Widening Participation

Sixth Form/FE Outreach

SOAS is pleased to be able to offer a range of outreach activities for Year 12 and Year 13 students at state schools and colleges in London, including:

as well as a range of other possibilities. Activities can take place on campus, or at your school/college; please explore the links above to find out what widening participation activities are available.

What do people think?

Quotes from Year 12 and Year 13 students who have participated in our activities include:

"[I enjoyed] Learning...about different subjects (very interesting), seeing the library and university life"

"Speaking to the ambassadors and listening to their stories has added to my desire to go to university"

"[The activity] made me realise that I could cope with the work and find it very interesting - it seems like what I would enjoy studying for 3 years"

"The general aura of this university made me feel less scared about university...People at the masterclass and about seem really friendly"