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Your World Your Voice Debates

Your World, Your Voice Debates provide students with the opportunity to critically engage with subjects surrounding a current affairs topic, or highly publicised event. The event is led by two academics who present varying views on subject before opening the floor to a lively and stimulating debate. The debate aims to provide students with the opportunity to hear diverse opinions on key issues and to form their own views.  Recently the debates have focused on the EU's response to the migration crisis and military intervention in the Middle East.

The 2017 debate took place on the 9th March with the topic being "President Trump and the Changing Face of Global Politics"

What Happens?

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Your World, Your Voice Debates

Participants hear the views of two academics (usually opposed!) on the chosen subject and are then given the opportunity to further develop thoughts in small groups with SOAS student ambassadors. The event climaxes with the debate and the participants asking questions, challenging conceptions and presenting views.

"The debate has helped me develop confidence and be more enthusiastic in terms of putting forward my viewpoint".

"Thank you for a friendly and insightful day at SOAS"

I enjoyed sharing the experience with a variety of students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and expressing my perspectives on issues"

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