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Bespoke Training

The SOAS World Languages Institute provides bespoke training programmes related to languages and language-based research. Our specialist courses can be tailor-made for individuals and groups of different sizes from a range of different backgrounds – including the public and private sector, business, charities, government and NGOs. Courses and training can address internal and external communication, multilingual settings and opportunities, or working in the context of African and Asian languages.

If you would like to explore the possibility of SOAS arranging a programme for your organisation please email us at

The courses below are examples of the type of training we provide:

Language Documentation: theory and method

We provide custom tailored training in language documentation and preservation encompassing training in theory and method of language documentation, in audio and video recording techniques, lexicography and training is software like Flex and ELAN, and data management and archiving.

Annotation software for audio and video data

We provide training in a range of audio and video application suites for natural language annotation and coding. The course will train participants in basic understanding of language transcription and coding and its implementation in relevant software applications for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Linguistics Light

This training provides an introduction to the elements, structures and functions of language. It is aimed to provide a basic understanding of how language expresses meaning. The training is directed to non-specialists who would like to get an understanding of the complexity of languages.

Video recording for scientific analyses

This course provides an introduction to the basics of languages use and their implications for video recording for research use.  In hands on training participants will learn how to record different types of language use events like interviews, conversations and

Data management

In the age of digital preservation data management has become a central topic for academics as they will have to manage their research data and make them available for verification, further use and for preservation. This course provides and introduction to data management principles and workflows and will discuss data management plans for funding agencies.