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Accepting/Deferring/Declining offer

If this does not answer your query, then please e-mail the Head of Admissions and Recruitment: mastersadmissions@soas.ac.uk, clearly indicating that you have read the Frequently Asked Questions in the Subject 
  • I cannot reply within the 4 weeks deadline because I am still waiting for a decision on a scholarship application / decision from another university/degree results. What do I do?

    You should submit your acceptance online via the submit your reply link on the offer letter to register your interest and keep your place.

    If you decide later on not to take up the offer just let us know. We will amend your records. 

    Offers are automatically withdrawn if we do not get a reply from you within a 4 weeks period.

  • I want to reply to my offer. What do I do? Will I receive an acknowledgment?

    You must reply to our offer online via the submit your reply link on your offer letter.  I am afraid the system does not allow us to accept or decline the offer on your behalf.  

    Kindly note that even if you confirm your acceptance or decline in an email, you must also confirm it online. Otherwise your reply will not be registered.

    We will not email any acknowledgment at this stage, however if you want to be certain that your online reply has been logged,  please email mastersadmissions@soas.ac.uk for confirmation.

  • I am considering deferring my place. How may I do so? Do I have to resubmit an application?

    You can request to defer your offer to the following year entry. 

    Please make your request in writing to mastersadmissions@soas.ac.uk stating the reason(s) why you wish to defer.

    There is no need to submit a new application when requesting a deferral but you might be asked to provide updated information such as a new reference, statement, or evidence of English language proficiency( if relevant)  before a decision can be reached

     First deferrals are normally approved but are not guaranteed - Deferrals are considered once, and for the following academic year only.  If you cannot attend you will need to submit a fresh application. 

    Please note that course options are subject to changes and you will need to refer to the SOAS website to check what courses will be on offer for the next academic year. The updated course list will be available by August each year.

  • I have received an offer and have accepted my place. Do I need to do anything else?

    If you have an unconditional offer, there is nothing else to do.  Non-EEA students will need to submit a CAS request to apply for their Tier-4 visa. If you have a conditional offer, you must provide us with evidence to meet the condition(s) set in your offer letter. 

    Enrolment information will be sent in August/ Beginning of  September. In the meantime, you can refer to the welcome week page