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Centre of Buddhist Studies


Centre's Chair:

Dr. Vincent Touriner

Centre Chair

Vincent Tournier
Vincent Tournier

Buddhism in Ancient and Early Medieval South Asia

  • Tel: 020 7898 4753
  • Email: vt6@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 343
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays 5-7pm or by email appointment

Committee Members

Lucia Dolce
Committee Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Lucia Dolce Japanese religious history, especially the medieval period; Japanese Tantric Buddhism and the esotericisation of religious practice; Millenarian writings and prophecy; Kami-Buddhas associations
  • Tel: 020 7898 4217
  • Email: ld16@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 342
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays 3-4pm
Ulrich Pagel
Committee Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Ulrich Pagel

History of Buddhism in Tibet, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Kanjur Studies, Vinaya, Religions of Central Asia, Tibetan, Sanskrit. 

  • Tel: 020 7898 4782
  • Email: up1@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: Room 338
  • Office Hours: Term 2 - Mondays 3-5pm

Antonello Palumbo
Committee Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Staff Silhouette

Ideological history of pre-modern China; Chinese religions, notably Taoism and Buddhism; history of the Buddhist canon in China; Manichaeism and Iranian influences in medieval China; Chinese cultural relations with Central Asia

  • Tel: 020 7898 4768
  • Email: ap47@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 345
  • Office Hours: Tuesdays 10am-12pm


Peter Flügel
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Peter Flügel

Jaina Studies; South Asian History & Culture; Anthropology & Sociology of Religion

  • Tel: +44 (0)20 7898 4776
  • Email: pf8@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 341
  • Office Hours: Mondays 3-4pm
Nathan W. Hill
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Nathan Hill Tibetan language from Old Tibetan to Modern Standard Tibetan; Tibetan historical and biographical literature; Central Asian languages, in particular Mongolian; Chinese minorities

James Mallinson
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
James Mallinson
  • Tel: 020 7898 4368
  • Email: jm63@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: 458
  • Office Hours: Thursdays 10.30am-12.30
Christian Luczanits
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Christian Luczanits

History of art and architecture of the Himalayan region; Buddhist art of the western Himalayas; Gandharan art; presenting and exhibiting Buddhist art; heritage, preservation and conservation.

  • Tel: 020 7898 4162
  • Email: cl46@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: B319
  • Office Hours: Mondays 3-4pm, Wednesdays 2-3pm

Elizabeth Moore
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Elizabeth Moore Arts of Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Cambodia cultural landscape; pre- and proto-historic Myanmar, Pyu and Mon culture; visual culture, social memory and sacred landscape
  • Tel: 020 7898 4452
  • Email: em4@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: B408
  • Office Hours: Mondays 4-5pm
  • On Sabbatical:Term 2 - 2014/15
Lukas Nickel
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Lukas Nikel History of Art and Archaeology of China and the Silk Road, Chinese culture of the Bronze Age and the Han to Tang period; early Buddhist art; art and technology in China, Chinese heritage, comparative art history
  • Tel: 020 7898 4454
  • Email: ln2@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: B407
  • On Sabbatical:All Year - 2014/15

Peter D. Sharrock
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Peter Sharrock He is now focusing on the evidence in Indochina for the influence of tantric or esoteric Buddhism, developed in the great monasteries of the Ganges valley and diffused and developed in different ways through much of Asia.
  • Tel: 020 7898 4462
  • Email: ps56@soas.ac.uk
  • Room: B406
  • Office Hours: Wednesdays 3pm-4pm
Renate Söhnen-Thieme
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Renate Sohnen Thieme Sanskrit language and literature; classical Indian religions; folklore and music of Baltistan

Roderick Whitfield
Member, Centre of Buddhist Studies
Roderick Whitfield

Research Student Members

Sinae Kim
Staff Silhouette

At Seoul National University in South Korea, I completed my BA and MA in Chinese Language and Literature. I wrote my master's dissertation on the poetry and prose of Tao Yuanming 陶淵明 (365–427), focusing on his unique attitude and philosophy toward mind, body, and nature.