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Centre of South East Asian Studies

Welcome to the Centre of South East Asian Studies

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South East Asian Studies is one of the five main regional postgraduate programmes in the School. The Centre exists to stimulate a lively research culture concerned with South East Asian issues. Its seminars and programme of events promote interdisciplinary study, research and discussion, and disseminate a wider awareness of the region.

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Recent publications by the members of the CSEAS.


Current MPhil and PhD students pursuing projects on South East Asia.

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Some 36 members of staff, from all the disciplines represented at the School, are members of the Centre.


Indonesia and the Malay World

An international scholarly journal which focuses its study of the region on languages, literatures, art, archaeology, history, geography, religions, anthropology and the performing arts. It is published three times a year, in March, July, and November. 

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Southeast Asia Research

Publishes original research on all aspects of South East Asia within the disciplines of archaeology, art history, economics, geography, history, language and literature, law, music, political science, social anthropology and religious studies.

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The Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme

The Southeast Asian Art Academic Programme (SAAAP) supports new academic posts, scholarships, events and outreach activities that will build and support a network of organisations in the Southeast Asia region, with the overall aim of enhancing the understanding and preservation of Buddhist and Hindu art and architecture in Southeast Asia.
Vairocana on the top of Borobudur looking at the volcano Mt Merapi

Over the next five years, the SAAAP will strengthen SOAS’ research expertise and existing institutional links to create a vibrant network of organisations and individuals in the Southeast Asian region who share and support this vision.

CSEAS thanks you for your interest and support of Southeast Asia at SOAS!