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Centre for Translation Studies (CTS)

The Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) was established in the summer of 2008 to promote the study of Translation Studies in relation to Asia and Africa. The Centre is housed in and administered by the Faculty of Languages and Cultures, but as a Centre dedicated to interdisciplinary study.  It is not subordinate to any single Department in the Faculty, either administratively or intellectually.

Its primary objectives are:

  1. to promote interdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of Translation Studies with particular reference to Asia and Africa;
  2. to provide a forum in which staff and students within SOAS, together with scholars from other institutions, can collaborate in the field of research and teaching in Translation Studies;
  3. to provide an intellectual home for the School’s MA Programme in Translation Theory and Practice;
  4. to organize a regular seminar on Translation Studies in Asia and Africa for the Centre’s MA Programme in Translation Theory and Practice, open to SOAS students and staff, to academics and students of other institutions and to the general public;
  5. to recognize and celebrate important translations done by SOAS teachers, which are oftentimes not duly recognized in usual research assessment exercises;
  6. to undertake the editing and publication of a series of occasional papers on Translation Studies in the context of Asia and Africa.


Chair of Centre - Dr Dongning Feng

020 7898 4298