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Copyright at SOAS

This pages links to policies and guidance for SOAS staff and students on copyright, including intellectual property policies.

Electronic course packs/modules: A quick copyright guide for SOAS staff 

An overview of the copyright issues connected with putting material on the Bloomsbury Learning Environment, which links to the detailed guide (see above) where appropriate.

Paper course packs: A quick copyright guide for SOAS staff

Guidance aimed at staff on how to photocopy material for course packs and handouts without infringing copyright. 

Using multimedia material for teaching

A brief guide to copyright and its implications for using audio-visual materials for teaching.

Copyright Guidance for SOAS Library Users
Explains how students and staff can use materials in the Library without infringing copyright.

Copyright and Copying for Disabled People
Guidance on what can be copied for disabled students and staff, focussing on the production of "accessible" copies - copies designed to provide improved access for disabled people.

Intellectual Property Policies and Procedures

Links to SOAS's Intellectual Property Policy, and procedures for to the commercial use of intellectual property.

Further information and advice on SOAS intellectual property issues is available from the Information Compliance Manager at copyright@soas.ac.uk

Last updated August 2013.