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Tailored Tuition Courses and Bespoke Courses for Individual Corporate Clients


Tailored Tuition Courses

A specifically tailored course is the solution if you are unable to attend one of our scheduled language courses or want to make sure that the course content perfectly matches your needs. Your tailored tuition course will be taught by one of our expert language teachers and can be delivered at any level from beginner to advanced and focus on the kind of language you want to learn.

For those who have applied for scheduled classes that do not reach quorum, we can help to arrange bespoke small group tuition at a competitive price.

Our Fees for Tailored Tuition

For self-funding individualsfrom £ 80.00 per hour, including all materials
For corporate clients£ 100.00 per hour, including all materials

Higher prices may have to be charged depending of the nature of the classes and the materials required.

How to Apply:

To apply for this type of individual or small group tuition you must:

In the unlikely event that we cannot immediately offer you a class, we shall discuss alternatives with you.

Please Note:

  • We require payment in advanced by cheque or credit card for a minimum of ten hours tuition.
  • An invoice can be issued to an employer sponsor in advance once we have confirmation in writing that your employer has agreed to pay all costs.
  • Our discounts do not apply to tailored tuition, only scheduled courses.
  • You will not be charged for cancellation if we are informed with at least 24 hours’ notice.

Bespoke Courses

We can provide language training customised to individual circumstances, for example, with a timetable that fits around your availability week by week. We can also design language courses for specific professional needs such as Chinese for International Business or Arabic for Law. Such bespoke courses are an ideal choice if you need to use the target language for business purposes.

We deliver classes on site for all types of companies and organisations in London. Because the nature of these courses is so diverse and each on is unique we base our charges on the specific language provision we offer. Please contact the Language Centre to discuss your needs and find out more about our services and prices.