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Resources by country

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General South Asia

Asian News International
A New Delhi-based news agency site.

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
A useful online dictionary resource for South Asian languages, including grammar tuition and vocabulary checking.

Digital Himalaya
A joint project of Cambridge University and Yale University. Includes free access to films, photographs, sound recordings, field notes and rare journals from the Himalayan region.

Manas : India and its neighbours
A UCLA site providing information on politics, history, religion, diaspora, social and cultural issues relating to India and South Asia.

South Asia Newspapers Online
A detailed guide and portal to online South Asian newspaper resources in English and other languages.

South Asian Women Writers
A list of South Asian women writers and the work they have published, including biographical details and literary reviews.

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation  (SAARC)
SAARC is an umbrella organisation, brining together South Asian countries to network and liaise on social and economic development issues. The Association encourages closer regional co-operation in such areas as health, transport, agriculture, forestry, rural development, tourism and biotechnology.

The South Asia Resources Database
Australian based South Asian web portal.

The South Asia Consortium for Interdisciplinary Water Resources Studies
SaciWATERs examines water resource knowledge as a way of transforming South Asia’s water access and advocating sustainable development.

South Asian Women’s Studies Bibliography
A bibliography on women’s studies compiled by the University of California, Berkeley Library

VSO- South Asia
VSO is an international charity that works through volunteers. The site highlights projects in South Asia and the network partnerships with South Asian NGOs.