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SOAS Library

Disability policy

The Library is committed to ensuring that all students can make full use of our services and facilities. We offer as much help and support as possible to any user who has a disability, a specific learning difficulty or dyslexia. The Library is committed to improving its services and is undertaking various initiatives to develop our provision further.

For students who register with the Library as a student with a disability, a specific learning difficulty or dyslexia we provide:
  • Extended loan periods Double the normal loan period (i.e. 48 hours for overnight loans; 2 weeks for one week loans)
  • Flexible loans can be negotiated with your contact
  • Photocopying - your contact can undertake photocopying on your behalf, provided you give 48 hours notice. Photocopying charges will be added to your library record
  • Fetching service - your contact will fetch material from the shelves for you, provided you give 24 hours notice
  • Scanning Service - We provide a scanning service for visually impaired students - Please see the Scanning Service page for more information.
Assistive technology
  • Large text display machine
  • Voice synthesiser
  • Quiet study rooms
We can advise on:
  • Access to and within the Library
  • Appropriate contact persons
  • Where to obtain further assistance
Planned initiatives for the near future include:
  • Better wheelchair access to the Library
  • Installation of more assistive technology
  • Guides in multiple formats (including large print)
  • Improved signage (including low-level tactile buttons for lifts)

It helps us to provide a better service for you if you are able to contact us in advance about any special requirements. Please note that all discussion with the Library will remain completely confidential.

Library contact

Yvette Dickerson
Reader Services Manager
020 7898 4796
E-mail: readerservices@soas.ac.uk

For SOAS staff and students initial referrals, advice and assessments can be made by contacting:


Links to useful web-sites

Access to free online information on visual impairment. A National Library for the Blind service