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Research Students in the Politics Department

Sasan Aghlani
Sasan Aghlani

‘National Interest’ as a Catalyst for Change in Islamic Laws of War - A Genealogy of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Policies towards Nuclear Weapons

Mehdi Beyad
Staff Silhouette

The political development and instrumentalisation of the notion of Iranian-Arab rivalry in Ba'athist Iraq and Pahlavi Iran

Julie Broome
Staff Silhouette

The impact of international and domestic prosecutions in post-conflict or post-authoritarian countries on the establishment of the rule of law

Catherine Craven
Catherine Craven

Exploring changes in the international community's representation and engagement of the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora after the end of the Sri Lankan civil war (working title)

Wei-Lun Huang
Staff Silhouette

A Network Power Analysis of India’s State-Business Relations in PTA Policymaking: The Case of the India-Sri Lanka FTA

Cathy Huser
Catherine Huser

The politics of protection at the micro level of armed conflict: Case studies from the Central African Republic & South Sudan

Priya Kumar
Staff Silhouette

“Wireless Platforms and Borderless Grievance: An Analysis of Transnational Diaspora Linkages and Mobilization Outcomes” (Preliminary title)

Behar Sadriu
Staff Silhouette

Broadcasting ‘Soft Power’: Rhetoric and Networks as tools of Turkey’s Foreign Policy in the Western Balkans

Nattaporn Sittipat
Staff Silhouette

Military Regimes and Thai Foreign Policy: Comparative Studies of Field Marshall Phiboon, Field Marshall Sarit and, Anand Panyarachun under the Military Regime of National Peace Keeping Council

Goktug Sonmez
Goktug Sonmez

The Interplay between International and Domestic Factors in Turkey’s Grand Strategy-Making: Interest-Driven Behaviour vs. Value-Driven Ambitions

Muthoni Wanyeki
Muthoni Wanyeki-l

‘African solutions for African problems’: the question of member states’ compliance with the African Union using Kenya as a case study

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Recently awarded PhD theses

  • Amir Khnifess Israel and the Druze Political Action: Between Politics of Loyalty and Politics of Violence (Prof C Tripp)
  • Waleed Almusharaf Abdelrahman Colonialism, Liberalism, Islamism:  The Governmentalization of Islam and the Case of Turabi and the Sudanese Islamist Movement (Prof A Adib-Moghaddam) 
  • Peter Brett The Judicialisation of Political Order in Southern Africa (Dr T Young)
  • Margarita Dimova Dealing with the State: Perspectives from the Heroin Trade in Kenya (Dr P Clark)
  • James Eastwood The ethics of Israeli militarism: soldiers' testimony and the formation of the Israeli soldier-subject (Prof L Khalili)
  • Freya Irani A Primary Concern With Domestic Conditions: Legal Representations of the National Economy and the Uneven Extraterritorial Extension of U.S. Antitrust and Labor Laws, 1945-2010 (Dr M Laffey)
  • Marco Jowell An Institutional Analysis of Peacekeeping Training Centres in Africa (Prof S Chan)
  • Myung Ja Kim Diaspora and Divided Homeland: Geopolitics and Nation-Building Policies toward the Zainichi Diaspora (Dr F Adamson
  • Bala Mohammed Liman Conflict and Identity in Nigeria: An Emerging Culture of Conflict in Northern Nigeria (Dr T Young)
  • Jamil Mouawad The Negotiated State: State-Society Relations in Lebanon (Prof C Tripp
  • Khaled Shaalan The Political Agency of Egypt's Upper Middle Class: Neoliberalism, Social Status Reproduction and the State (Prof C Tripp)
  • James Sunday In the Shadow of the Pyramids - Power, Politics and Participation in Contemporary Egypt (Prof C Tripp)
  • Jeremy Taylor "Japan is Back", Japan's (Re)Engagement in Africa: The Case of South Sudan (Dr Y Kobayashi)
  • Mehmet Osman Cati The Political Economy of Syrian Foreign Policy 1949-1963 (Prof C Tripp)
  • Felix Conteh Governance Reforms in Sierra Leone: An Analysis of the Conception, Design and Implementation of the Decentralization Programme and its Impacts 2004-2012 (Dr T Young)
  • Samuel Sami Everett Maghrebinicite 1981-2012: affective belonging from the margins of North African Jewish experience in ile-de-France (Prof L Khalili)
  • Igor Rogelja The Production of Creative Space in Taiwan and China (Prof J Strauss)
  • Cornelia Schiller China and Madagascar: Engagement, Perceptions, and Developmental Effects (Dr T Young)
  • Hagar Taha The Local Element of Peace: Role of Indigenous Civil Societies in Intervention and Conflict Resolution - Cases of Darfur (Sudan) and Somaliland (Northern Somalia) (Prof S Chan)
  • Benedetta de Alessi The war-to-peace transition of the SPLM/A into the SPLM during the implementation of the Sudan's Comprehensive Peace Agreement (Prof S Chan)
  • Sana Alimia The Quest for Humanity in a Dehumanised State: Afghan Refugees and Devalued Citizens in Urban Pakistan, 1979-2012 (Dr M Nelson)
  • Mehmet Ugur Ekinci The Primacy of Foreign Policy in the Accommodation of Minority Claims in the Late Ottoman Empire and Republican Turkey: A Study on the Armenian and Kurdish Questions (Dr F Adamson
  • Alexander Evans The Changing Political Rhetoric of Kashmiri Identity, 1990-2001 (Dr M Nelson)
  • Silvia Ferabolli Rethinking the idea of the doomed Arab region  (Prof C Tripp)
  • Sambaiah Gundimeda Mapping Dalit Politics in Contemporary India: A Study of UP and AP from an Ambedkarite Perspective (Dr R Bajpai)
  • Abdullai Harroon Ghanaian Political Thought on the Governance of the Formal State and that of Chieftaincy : With Special Reference to Dispute, Conflict and Thought in Dagbon (Prof S Chan)
  • Stephen Marioghae Itugbu Nigeria's Foreign Policy under Olusegun Obasanjo: Process, Ethics, and the Example of Darfur (Prof S Chan)
  • Daniel Large Fantastic Invasion': the politics of international intervention in Sudan (Prof S Hopgood)
  • Zaad Mahmood Globalisation, Policy Convergence and Labour Market: the political economy of reforms (Prof L Saez)
  • Mark Sedra Security Sector Reform in Conflict-Affected Societies (Prof C Tripp)
  • Shirin Shafaie Contemporary Iranian War Narratives: A Dialectical Discourse Analysis (Prof A Adib-Moghaddam)
  • Konstantinos Tsimonis "Let the Party Assured, let the Youth Satisfied" Political Representation and Mass Organizations in the People's Republic of China: the case of the Communist Youth League (Prof J Strauss)
  • Alexej Ulbricht Multicultural Immunisation: liberalism, community, and difference (Prof S Chan)
  • Elian Weizman Hegemony, Law, Resistance: Struggles Against Zionism in the State of Israel (Prof L Khalili)