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Funding your studies

Fee StatusLevel of StudyLoansBursaries
UK & EUUndergraduateStudent FinanceSOAS Financial Support
Hardship funds
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Hardship funds 

UK and EU Undergraduate Students

Tuition Fee Loans from Student Finance

UK/EU undergraduate students are eligible for a loan from the Student Loans Company to cover the cost of their tuition fees. Please see Undergraduate Student Finance at SOAS for information.

Maintenance grants and Maintenance loans

Maintenance grants and Maintenance loans are also available from the Student Loans Company (Student Finance). Please check their website and www.soas.ac.uk/studentadviceandwellbeing/students/money/ud-ss-fees/ for further information.

SOAS is also offering financial support to undergraduate students and this varies depending on which year you started your degree as follows:

SOAS Undergraduate Financial Support - Entrants prior to 2012

UK undergraduate students on the pre-2012 fee system (who started their degree in September 2011 or earlier) AND with a full maintenance grant are eligible for a SOAS Study Support Bursary.

SOAS Undergraduate Financial Support - 2012 Entrants and after

UK undergraduates ordinarily resident in England who started their degree in September 2012 or later may be eligible for support: Undergraduate Financial Support at SOAS.

Erasmus Student Mobility Grant

UK and EU students studying on a 3 year degree may be able to take a year in Europe as part of the Erasmus scheme. Please see www.soas.ac.uk/erasmus/outgoingerasmus/ for full details and the application process.

UK and EU Postgraduate Students

SOAS offers a large number of postgraduate scholarships - deadlines for applications are normally end of January for the following academic year.

For EU nationals, we also advise you to contact the Education Ministry in your home country for information about government funding for study.

Another way to fund your studies is through educational loans. Some high street banks offer loans for education. The other option is a career development loan.  Before taking out a loan ensure that you understand what the repayments will be and that you will be able to afford them.  

Professional and Career Development Loans

A Professional and Career Development Loan is a bank loan for UK students designed to help you pay for your degree. The loan can be used to pay for tuition fees as well as living costs. 

Further information and how to apply is detailed at www.soas.ac.uk/registry/funding/pcdl/

Overseas Students

US Federal Loans

Eligible US students can apply for Stafford Federal Loans, Federal Plus and private loans to cover their tuition and maintenance costs. US Federal Loans.

Indian Credila Loans

Eligible Indian students can apply for Credila Indian Student Loans through GEMS. This loan could be used to cover tuition and maintenance costs. Credila Indian Loans

Canadian Federal and Provincial educational loans

Eligible Canadian students should send their paperwork for certification to the Student Loans Officer. Further information can be found at Canadian Loans

Funding provided by Scandinavian (Sweden, Norway and Denmark) governments

Students in receipt of loans or funding from their government should pay in 2 instalments as outlined on the instalments webpage

Where you have paperwork which requires confirmation of the fees you have paid, please scan and email the form to funding@soas.ac.uk being sure to quote your SOAS ID. This includes CSN study assurance forms and Lånekassen form C. We will complete, scan and email the forms back to your SOAS email account.

Please contact the Student Loans and Bursaries Officer at funding@soas.ac.uk if you have any queries relating to the educational loans and financial support featured in this section.

Scholarships and Government Funding

SOAS offers a large number of scholarships - deadlines for applications are normally end of January for the following academic year.

We also advise you to contact the Education Ministry in your home country for information about government funding for study.

Financial Advice and Hardship Funds

Your time at SOAS should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. SOAS provides practical financial advice on budgeting and help you to make the most of your limited income. Please see the www.soas.ac.uk/studentadviceandwellbeing/students/money/ section of the website.

Current students who experience financial difficulty during their studies may be eligible to receive limited, additional support via the SOAS hardship funds.

Other Sources of Funding

Enhanced Learning Credits (MOD)

SOAS degrees, certificates and diplomas are registered for Enhanced Learning Credits for members of the armed forces. The ELC scheme provides financial support in the form of a single up-front payment in each of a maximum of three separate financial years. See www.enhancedlearningcredits.com for further information.

Useful funding information can also be found at: