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Department of the Languages and Cultures of South East Asia

Department of South East Asia

Welcome to the Department of South East Asia, the only department in a UK university which is dedicated to the study of South East Asia.  Our teaching and research focuses on five of the major languages of the region - Burmese, Indonesian/Malay, Thai, Vietnamese and Khmer - and in their literatures, cinemas and associated cultures.  Within the School's Centre for South East Asian Studies (CSEAS), we collaborate closely with scholars in other SOAS departments who work on South East Asia, all of us supported by the SOAS Library's extensive South East Asia collections.

The research interests of the Department Staff include the cultural studies, gender and sexuality, cinema and film, traditional and modern literature, language pedagody, linguistics, phonetics and sign languages in a variety of South East Asian contexts.  These interests are reflected in the research students the Department attracts, who benefit from the research training offered by the Faculty of Languages and Cultures.