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Department of the Study of Religions

Professor T H Barrett

BA (Cantab), PhD (Yale)


T H Barrett
Department of the Study of Religions

Emeritus Professor

SOAS China Institute

Academic Staff, SOAS China Institute

Japan Research Centre (JRC)

Academic Staff, Japan Research Centre

Professor T H Barrett
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Inaugural Lecture

Professor T H Barrett: The Three Things I Learnt About China


Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Hung-Chih Lo, Chinese Religious Dress, 5th-9th Centuries CE
  • Kazumi Taguchi, Beyond Tokugawa Confucianism: Soseki and Neo-Edo taste in the Meiji Bun'jin Community


History of Chinese religion, notably Taoism and Buddhism; pre-modern Chinese history, especially the Tang period


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Available for
Regional Expertise
  • East Asia
Country Expertise
  • China


Authored Books

Barrett, T. H. (2008) The Woman Who Discovered Printing. London: Yale University Press.

Barrett, T. H. (2003) Poems of Hanshan. AltaMira.

Barrett, T. H. and Xun, Zhou (2001) The Wisdom of the Confucians. Oxford: Oneworld.

Barrett, T. H. (1996) Taoism Under the T'ang: Religion and Empire during the Golden Age of Chinese History. London: Wellsweep.

Book Chapters

Barrett, T. H. (2005) 'Buddhist Precepts in a Lawless World: Some Comments on the Linhuai Ordination Scandal.' In: Bodiford, W. M., (ed.), Going Forth. Visions of Buddhist Vinaya. University of Hawai'i Press, pp. 101-23.

Barrett, T. H. (2002) 'Introduction.' In: Penny, B., (ed.), Religion and Biography in China and Tibet. London: Curzon, pp. 1-12.

Barrett, T. H. (2000) 'Shinto and Taoism in Early Japan.' In: Breen, J. and Teeuwen, M., (eds.), Shinto in History: Ways of the Kami. Richmond: Curzon Press, pp. 13-31.


Barrett, T. H. (2005) 'Chinese Religion in English Guise: The History of an Illusion.' Modern Asian Studies, 39 (3). pp. 509-533.

Barrett, T. H. (2003) 'Tang Taoism and the mention of Jesus and Mani in Tibetan Zen.' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 66 (1). pp. 56-58.

Barrett, T. H. (2003) 'On the reconstruction of the Shenxian zhuan.' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 66 (2). pp. 229-235.

Barrett, T. H. (2002) 'Buddhism, Taoism and the eighth century Chinese term for Christianity.' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 65 (3). pp. 555-560.

Barrett, T. H. (2001) 'Stupa, sutra and sarira in China, c.656-706 CE.' Buddhist Studies Review, 18 (1). pp. 1-64.

Barrett, T. H. (2001) 'The Rise and Spread of Printing: A New Account of Religious Factors.' SOAS Working papers in the Study of Religions . pp. 1-40.

Barrett, T. H. (2001) 'Woodblock dyeing and printing technology in China, c.700A.D.: the innovations of Ms. Liu and other evidence.' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 64 (2). pp. 240-247.

Barrett, T. H. (1998) 'China and the Redundancy of the Medieval.' The Medieval History Journal, 1 (1). pp. 73-89.

Barrett, T. H. (1996) 'The Fate of Buddhist Political Thought in China: The Rajah Dons a Disguise.' The Buddhist Forum, 4 . pp. 1-7.

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