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School of Law

Dr Gina Heathcote



Gina Heathcote
School of Law

Widening Participation Liaison

Centre for Law and Conflict


Centre for Gender Studies

Centre Chair

Dr Gina Heathcote
Email address:
020 7898 4367
SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
Office No:
Office Hours:
Monday and Thursday 9:30-10:30am


Dr Gina Heathcote - Naming and Shaming: Human Rights Accountability in Security Council Resolution 1960


Programmes Convened
Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Alaya Forte, New forms of political inclusion or mere tokenism? Reading political representation from a gender and minority perspective in British and French government (working title)
  • Annie Hylton , Working Title: “Women and Jihad: a gendered analysis of international humanitarian law and the participation of female combatants in contemporary situations of violence in the Middle East”
  • Biye Gao, The politics of reproduction in contemporary rural China
  • Emily Jones, Re/Conceptualising Boundaries: feminist approaches to international law and the sovereign state
  • Jessica Kitsell, Queer Cambodia: using queer theory to question the heteronormativity of sex, gender and sexuality in post-conflict Cambodia
  • Oreva Olakpe, Working Title: Sovereignty and Migrations: Straddling Human Rights and Security in a Globalized World
  • Paniz Musawi Natanzi, The art of trespassing gendered spaces in Kabul: contemporary women artists and the renegotiation of gender norms and the public and private
  • Sheri Ann Labenski, Working Title: “Women and International Criminal Law: The Importance of Recognizing Women’s Right to Perpetrate Crimes”
  • Sidonia Lucia Kula, The Accountability of States in the Rape and Sexual Violence of Congolese Refugees in Angola.


Authored Books

Heathcote, Gina (2015) Feminist Dialogues on International Law. Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)

Heathcote, Gina (2011) The Law on the Use of Force: A Feminist Analysis. London: RoutledgeCavendis. (Routledge Research in International Law)

Edited Books

Heathcote, Gina and Otto, Dianne, eds. (2014) Rethinking Peacekeeping, Gender Equality and Collective Security. London: Palgrave Macmillian. (Thinking Gender in Transnational Times)

Book Chapters

Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Participation, Gender and Security.' In: Heathcote, Gina and Otto, Dianne, (eds.), Rethinking Peacekeeping, Gender Equality and Collective Security. Palgrave.

Heathcote, Gina (2013) 'Feminist Perspectives on the Law on the Use of Force.' In: Weller, Marc, (ed.), Oxford University Press Handbook on the Prohibition of the Use of Force. Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)

Heathcote, Gina 'Robust Peacekeeping, Gender and the Protection of Civilians.' In: Charlesworth, Hilary and Farrall, Jeremy, (eds.), Strengthening the Rule of Law through the UN Security Council. Cambridge. (Forthcoming)


Heathcote, Gina (2012) 'Naming and Shaming: Human Rights Accountability in Security Council Resolution 1960 (2010) on Women, Peace and Security.' Journal of Human Rights Practice .

Heathcote, Gina (2011) 'Feminist Politics and the Use of Force: Theorising Feminist Action and Security Council Resolution 1325.' Socio-legal Review, 7 .

Heathcote, Gina (2010) 'Feminist Reflections on the 'End' of the War on Terror.' Melbourne Journal of International Law, 11 (2).

Heathcote, Gina (2005) 'Article 51 Self-Defense as a Narrative: Spectators and Heroes in International Law Symposium: The Power of Stories: Intersections of Law, Literature, and Culture - Transnational Narratives.' Texas Weslayan Law Review, 12 . p. 131.

Conference or Workshop Items

Heathcote, Gina (2012) Working paper No. 5.5 The Security Council and the rule of law: the use of force, robust peacekeeping and gender perspectives,. In: The Use of Force and the Rule of Law, 20th & 21st June 2012, Australian National University, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Heathcote, Gina (2012) The Politics of Natality: From Formal Equality to the Spectrum of Feminist Thinking. In: International Law and the Periphery, 17th -19th February 2012, The American University in Cairo. (Unpublished)

Heathcote, Gina (2012) Achieving Accountability for Human Rights Violations by Non-state Actors: Challenging Sexual Violence and Creating Paths to Peace. In: 21st Congress of the International Federation of Women in Legal Career, Nov 12th- 16th, Dakar, Senegal. (Unpublished)

Book Reviews

Heathcote, Gina (2014) 'Gender Politics in Transitional Justice (Catherine O'Rourke).' Gender and Development, 22 (1).


Heathcote, Gina (2013) 'Time to Rethink the Women, Peace and Security Agenda?' International Law Grrls .

Heathcote, Gina (2013) 'Thinking Gender and Speaking International Law.' Oxford University Press Blog .

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