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Ms Lara Momesso


Lara Momesso
Ms Lara Momesso
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Analysing marriage migrants' social movements: three case studies of Chinese spouses in Taipei
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Lara received her M.A. International Communication Studies from National Chengchi University of Taiwan in 2008, with a thesis on community communication practices for Chinese women married to Taiwanese men; B.A. Oriental Studies from Ca' Foscari University of Venice in 2003, major: Chinese language and culture with a thesis on the Chinese penal system and human rights violations.

She is a Fellow at the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (Tuebingen University)

PhD Research

My PhD project aims to investigate a phenomenon that has emerged in the last thirty years in Taiwan, namely the immigration of people with the purpose of marrying. In Taiwan a great part of these marriage migrants were females and came from Mainland China. They were commonly called ‘Chinese spouses’. Although they shared racial, ethnic and linguistic features with local population, their integration and conditions was affected by specific social and political factors. Framed by transnational feminist methodology and drawing from literature on migration and social movements, this project attempts to explore, through the lenses of gender, a phenomenon that was affected by broader social, political and economic forces and in the meantime was the consequence of individual conditions and choices. By bringing the case studies of three organizations located in Taipei, my project seeks to provide a more problematic picture of Chinese spouses’ condition (also in the light of recent political and social changes) and depict the specificity and significance of their movement in Taiwan.