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Department of Economics

Nadir Cheema


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Department of Economics

Teaching Fellow

Nadir Cheema
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Thursdays from 14:00 to 16:00 in Room 276

PhD Publications

  1. Cheema N., Mazranizouli I., et al. (2014). ‘The cost-effectiveness of supported employment for adults with autism in the United Kingdom.’ Autism
  2. Cheema N., Frangou S. and McCrone P. (2012). ‘The cost-effectiveness of ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid in the treatment of bipolar disorder’. Therapeutic Analysis in Advance Pharmapsychology http://tpp.sagepub.com/content/3/2/73.short
  3. Health Economics chapters of NICE (NHS) Guideline on Schizophrenia (2013)  www.nccmh.org.uk/...202013.pdf
  4. Health Economics chapters of NICE (NHS) Guideline on Autims (2012)  www.nccmh.org.uk/...PUBLISHED.pdf



Areas of research: Econometrics, Health Economics, Growth Theory