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Ms Emily Jones



Emily Jones
Ms Emily Jones
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Gods, Cyborgs and the Environment: Pushing at the Limits of International Law through a Feminist analysis of Sovereignty
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PhD Research

This thesis aims to push at the boundaries/limits of feminist approaches to international law and international law’s structural biases by applying French feminist philosophy. The test site for this project is sovereignty; sovereignty being defined in the context of the global order. This thesis therefore also aims to provide a more in depth analysis of sovereignty in international law from a feminist perspective. 
This thesis analyses, in reference to the above: international human rights law, the role of global corporations in international law, lethally autonomous weapons and the environment.

PhD Conferences

  • 'Discussing Sovereignty in Conversation with Professor Judith Butler' - PhD seminar held by the London Review of International Law, LSE - 05/02/15
  • ‘Towards a feminine morphology of/in international law’ – Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland Annual Conference, University College Dublin – 21/11/2014
  • ‘Using Irigaray to push at International Law’s Boundaries: the Sovereign State’ – Working with Luce Irigaray International Seminar, Bristol University – 09/06/2014
  • ‘Vulnerable Subjectivity: redefining law’s body’ - PECANS Workshop on Vulnerability, Newcastle University - 22/11/13
  • ‘How useful is international human rights law for women?’ - Women’s New World with Dr. Shere Hite: In celebration of International Women’s Day, University College London - 15/03/12