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Emily Jones
Ms Emily Jones
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‘Women, Gods and Cyborgs: Pushing at the Limits of International Law and the Global Order’
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PhD Research

Emily's work aims to push at the boundaries/limits of feminist approaches to international law and international law’s structural biases by applying French-inspired feminist philosophy, psychoanalysis and posthumanism. Her work thereby, in turn, aims to test the limits of these theories when applied to various contexts.

Emily’s thesis analyses, in reference to the above: international human rights law, the role of global corporations in international law and the global order and Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS).

PhD Conferences

  • 'Discussing Sovereignty in Conversation with Professor Judith Butler' - PhD seminar held by the London Review of International Law, LSE - 05/02/15
  • ‘Towards a feminine morphology of/in international law’ – Society for Women in Philosophy Ireland Annual Conference, University College Dublin – 21/11/2014
  • ‘Using Irigaray to push at International Law’s Boundaries: the Sovereign State’ – Working with Luce Irigaray International Seminar, Bristol University – 09/06/2014
  • ‘Vulnerable Subjectivity: redefining law’s body’ - PECANS Workshop on Vulnerability, Newcastle University - 22/11/13
  • ‘How useful is international human rights law for women?’ - Women’s New World with Dr. Shere Hite: In celebration of International Women’s Day, University College London - 15/03/12