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Ms Emily Jones



Emily Jones
Ms Emily Jones
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Re/Conceptualising Boundaries: feminist approaches to international law and the sovereign state
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PhD Research

Feminist approaches to international law have long been caught between resistance and compliance; that is, caught between using international law as a tool to help women’s immediate circumstances whilst trying to critique the very structures and foundations of this tool. Whilst structural bias as an approach was founded at the very conception of feminist approaches to international law, precisely what this means and how far this should go has not been thoroughly explored.

This thesis suggests that there is a need to return to a structural bias approach and articulate what this really means for the feminist international legal project. Using continental feminist philosophy as a springboard, this project will explore the meaning of boundaries in and for international law and the possibility of outrunning them.

The test site for this thesis will be the sovereign state. Noting the discursive nature of the sovereign state according to context, this thesis will be tested out on specific instances, for example, the sovereign state during migration, humanitarian intervention, secession, under advanced capitalism and as configured under international human rights law.

PhD Conferences

  • ‘Using Irigaray to push at International Law’s Boundaries: the Sovereign State’ (2014) Presentation at Bristol University for the Working with Luce Irigaray International Seminar
  • ‘Vulnerable Subjectivity: redefining law’s body’ (2013) Presentation at Newcastle University for the PECANS Workshop
  • ‘How useful is international human rights law for women?’ (2012) Presentation at UCL for Women’s New World with Dr. Shere Hite: in celebration of International Women’s Day