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Centre for Gender Studies

Sabiha Allouche

MA in Gender Studies (SOAS)


Sabiha Allouche
Sabiha Allouche
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(working title) Emotional Capital and the Making of Dissident Bodies in Lebanon
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PhD Research

My research examines the timing and increased visibility of “dissident bodies” in Lebanon. Dissident bodies are defined as men and women who primarily operate beyond the norms of sex and sexuality of Lebanon.

Using qualitative methods, my research incorporates individual and intergenerational narratives of ‘sex encounters’ in order to show how marginal sexualities are re-writing the politics of shame in Lebanon. Ultimately, my research seeks to engage empirically with the widely presumed sexual tolerance of Lebanon.

My research adds ‘emotional capital' to Bourdieu’s recognized forms of capital and works through the framework of affect theory in order to demonstrate how emotional capital contributes to the gradual normalization of dissident sexualities in Lebanon.