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Sabiha Allouche

MA (SOAS) MA (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain)
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Sabiha Allouche
Sabiha Allouche
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(working title) Un-doing Lebanon’s myth of ‘sexual freedom’: an empirical examination of the intimate life of non-married men and women in contemporary urban Lebanon
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PhD Research

My current PhD research demystifies Lebanon’s myth of sexual freedom by examining the consequences of said myth on ordinary men and women in post-war Lebanon. Using qualitative methods, mainly interviews and visual analysis, my research examines the intimate lives of non-married men and women in Lebanon. It unpicks the many layers of different ‘coupling’ processes in Lebanon, notably desire, sex, and kinship.


  • Western Media as ‘Technology of Affect’: The Affective Making of the Angry Arab Man, Graduate Journal of Social Science, Vol. 11, Issue 1, February 2015.
  • Are Sexual Dissidence and Gender Activism Necessarily Linked? Notes from the Field on the Body, Beirut, Civil Society Knowledge Center, Lebanon Support, January 2015.


  • Political Association Studies 66th Annual International Conference, Brighton, UK, March 2016, ‘The Limits of Happiness: on ‘Affective Neo-colonialism’, Gender, and the Middle East’
  • The 57th Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, Atlanta, March 2016, ‘Beyond Conflict: on Sexual Violence against Men and the Continuum of Violence in a Lebanese Context, and ‘Queer, Foreign, and Refugee: the Triple Challenge of Syrian Queer Refugees in Lebanon’
  • The 2nd Annual Conference Academia and Social Justice, Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship, Arab Studies Institute, American University of Beirut, Beirut, March 2016, ‘Orientalism and Academia: Towards a Decolonized Feminist Research in the Middle East
  • British Society for Middle Eastern Research (BRISMES) Annual Conference, London School of Economics, June 2015, ‘No Longer Caught Between Two World: Towards a Decolonized Feminist Research in the Middle East’
  • Queer Devices: A European Network for Queer Anthropology Workshop, Central European University, Budapest, September 2015, ‘Researching Sex and Sexuality in Contemporary Lebanon: Methodological Reflections’
  • The 9th European Feminist Research Conference, Sex and Capital, Rovaniemi, Lapland University, June 2015, ‘Migrant Domestic Workers and the Lebanese Household, or how Neoliberalism Killed Feminism’
  • Reflections on Social Change: Metamorphosis or Transformation? Birkbeck, University of London, May 2015, ‘The Revolution Will Not be Televised: on Sexual Dissidence and the ‘non-movement movement’ in Lebanon’
  • Talking Bodies: an International Interdisciplinary Conference, University of Chester, Chester, April 2015,
'Walk the Talk? Visuality and the Limits of Sexual Dissidence in the Context of Lebanon’
  • PECANS Workshop, Sexual Rights, Social Justice: What’s Law Got to Do with it? Brighton, March 2015, ‘Social Consent, not the Law: On Sexual Dissidence in a Lebanese Context’
  • The 56th Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, New Orleans, February 2015, ‘In Life as in Death: International Relations and Gender Inequality’
  • The 2014 Feminist and Women’s Studies Association Conference, Bristol, September 2014, ‘Sisters Doing it for Themselves? The Affective Politics of Women’s Movement in Lebanon’
  • 10th Annual CSGS Student Research Conference, California State University, Los Angeles, May 2014, ‘Reiterated Present, Imagined Futures: Reading Queer Gender Activism in Lebanon’
  • The 4th Annual UCSB Islamic Studies Graduate Student Conference, Santa Barbara, April 2013, ‘Whatever Happened to the Cedar Revolution? Gender and Civil Society in Post-war Lebanon’


  • Member of Centre for Gender Studies
  • Department of Anthropology and Sociology
  • Member of the International Studies Association (Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section, Woman Caucus, LGBT Caucus)



  • Affect theory
  • Queer theory
  • Anthropology
  • Feminist theory
  • Gender studies,
  • Comparative politics
  • IR