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Nana Sato-Rossberg

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Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Eiko Gyogi, Translation for Intercultural Education in the Foreign Language Classroom: A Case Study of Elementary and Intermediate Japanese Students
  • Jamie Tokuno, Translating Ecotourism: A Descriptive Corpus-Based Study of English<>Japanese Translator Mediation of Ideological Differences in Ecotourist Texts for Hokkaido and Hawaii
  • Kohei Aramaki, Resistant Translation in Modern Japan: Poetry Translation by Hakushu Kitahara, Shigeru Kuzuhara and Seigo Shirotori.


  • History of Translation Studies in Japan
  • Intergeneric translations (manga to film)
  • Translation of oral narratives or orality
  • Cultural translation
  • The relationship between translation and power


Authored Books

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2011) Translating Culture – The Creative Translations of Ainu Chanted-Myths by Mashiho Chiri. Sapporo Japan: Sapporo do.

Edited Books or Journal Volumes

Sato-Rossberg, Nana, ed. (2015) Special volume "Translation and Translation Studies in 1970’s Japan" in Invitation to Translation Studies. Vol 14. Tokyo: JAITS.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana and Curran, Beverley and Tanabe, Kikuko, eds. (2015) Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan. New York: Routledge.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana and Wakabayashi, Judy, eds. (2012) Translation and Translation Studies in the Japanese Context. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana, ed. (2011) Translation Studies. Tokyo Japan: Misuzu.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana and Watanabe, Kozo, eds. (2010) Translation Studies in the Japanese Context, December 20 2010. Report Issued by Research Center for ars vivendi No.15. Kyoto: Ars Vivendi.

Book Chapters

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2015) 'Translating Kamui-gaiden: Intergeneric Translation from Manga to Live Action Film.' In: Curran, Beverley and Sato-Rossberg, Nana and Tanabe, Kikuko, (eds.), Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan. Oxon; New York: Routledge, pp. 42-59.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2012) 'Translating place names in political context: Two dictionaries of Ainu toponymy.' In: Translation and Translation Studies in the Japanese Context. Bloomsbury Publishing.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2011) 'Translating culture – from Ainu oral narratives into Japanese.' In: Translation Studies. Misuzu.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2010) 'La Loi sur la promotion de la culture des Aïnous, sur la diffusion et la mise en valeur des connaissances relatives à leurs traditions relève-t-elle d’une politique multiculturelle?”.' In: Multiculturalisme et Nationalisme en Asie. L’Harmattan.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2007) 'The translations of Ainu chanted-myths by Mashiho Chiri and Yukie Chiri – dancing with onomatopoeia.' In: The Death on Foreign Soil – About ‘Ainu Chanted-Myths’ by Yukie Chiri. Jinbun.

Journal Articles

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2015) 'Translation Studies in Japan in the 1970s – Kikan-honyaku and Honyaku-no-sekai.' Invitation to Translation Studies, 14. pp. 5-20.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2015) 'Nihon ni okeru gengo no fukususei to Translation Studies.' Japanese Language Education in Europe, 19. pp. 41-46.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2014) '共振と呼応(Resonance and Echo) – 1970 nendai nihon ni okeru Translation Studies no houga.' Misuzu, 11 (632). pp. 6-13.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2012) 'Conflict and dialogue — Bronisław Piłsudski and the translation of Ainu oral narratives.' Translation Studies, 5 (1). pp. 48-63.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2010) 'An Ainu place-name dictionary as thick translation.' CoreEthics, 6.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2008) 'Chiri Mashiho’s performative translations of Ainu oral narratives.' Japanese Studies, 28 (2). pp. 135-148.

Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2007) 'Mashiho Chiri and poets – Kunio Oda and Yukar Appreciation.' CoreEthics, 3. pp. 197-212.


Sato-Rossberg, Nana (2015) 'Introduction: Translation and Translation Studies in 1970’s Japan.' Invitation to Translation Studies, 14 . Tokyo: JAITS. pp. 1-3.

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