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We offer undergraduate and postgraduate master's level students the opportunity to study at SOAS for either a half or full year.  You are able to choose from over 400 courses and can build a unique programme, exploring the range of specialist courses available at SOAS that may not be available at your home institution.  You may pick options within our regional expertise of Africa, Asia and/or the Middle East; one of the over 50 non-European languages taught or courses within our traditional academic disciplines. Whether you are coming to SOAS for the full year or half the year, you are not restricted to a Study Abroad ‘Track,’ to one specific Faculty, or to one specific department. You can choose courses from across SOAS.

Departments and available courses 

Most of the courses taught at SOAS are available for Study Abroad/Exchange Students.  

  • Independent study projects, dissertations and extended essays are not suitable for Study Abroad/Exchange students.
  • Language courses are found in the regional departments: South East Asia, South Asia, Africa, China and Inner Asia, Japan and Korea, Near and Middle East

You can view the list of courses by clicking through the links below. Please be sure to check multiple links as certain topics (e.g. Buddhism) will be found across many different departments. If there is an asterisk (*) next to one of the departments, please scroll below to see if there are any restrictions on specific courses.  

Africa | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Anthropology and Sociology* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

History of Art and Archaeology | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

China and Inner Asia | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy* | Postgraduate Courses  

Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies | Postgraduate Courses

Development Studies* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Economics* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

English | Undergraduate Courses 

Financial and Management Studies | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Film Studies | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Gender Studies | Postgraduate Courses

History | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

International Studies and Diplomacy | Postgraduate Courses

Japan and Korea* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Law* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Linguistics* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Media Studies | Postgraduate Courses

Music* | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Near and Middle East | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Politics and International Studies*
| Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

South Asia | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

South East Asia | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

Study of Religions | Undergraduate Courses | Postgraduate Courses

*Note: The following courses are unavailable (or include caveats) to Study Abroad/Exchange students:

  • Anthropology - Unavailable Postgraduate Courses
    • African and Asian Diasporas in the Contemporary World (15PANC012) 
    • Anthropology of Development (15PANC090) 
    • Comparative Media Studies (15PANC009)
    • Comparative Studies of Society and Culture  (15PANC073)
    • Cultural Understandings of Health (15PANC093)
    • Directed Practical Study in the Anthropology of Food (15PANH045)
    • Ethnographic Research Methods (15PANH002)
    • Media Production Skills (15PANH050)
    • Research Methods in Anthropology (15PANC011)
    • The Anthropology of Food (15PANC013)
    • Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology (15PANC008)
  • Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy
    • Applied Energy and Climate Studies (15PFFH007)
    • General Diplomatic Studies (15PFFC001)
    • Global Public Policy (15PFFH004)
    • Project Management (15PFFH005)
  • Development Studies
    • Political Economy of Development (15PDSC002) is only open to Full Year students (not half year students) 
  • Economics - 
    • Econometrics (153400103) only available to full year students
    • Introduction to Quantitative Methods for Economists (153400120) only available to full year students
    • Quantitative Methods for Economists (153400121) only available to full year students
    • African Economic Development I and II (15PECC057 and 15PECC058)
    • Economic Development and Financial Systems (15PECC056)
    • Economic Development in South Asia a) the macroeconomy (15PECC060)
    • Economic Development in South Asia b) Major sectors and the International Economy (15PECC061)
    • Economic Issues of the Environment and Development (15PECC055)
    • Macroeconomic Theories and Techniques (15PECC062)
    • Microeconomic Theory and Techniques (15PECC054)
    • Quantitative Methods I, II and III
    • Research Methods I and II
    • Research Methods in Political Economy I and II (15PECC052 and 15PECC053)
    • Themes and Approaches in the Political Economy of Institutions (15PECC059)
  • Japan and Korea - Unavailable Courses
    • Korean-English-Korean Translation (155901276) Not suitable for native Korean speakers
    • Survey of Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (155901214) Half unit; taught across full-year and only open to full-year students
  • Law - Unless student has completed undergraduate or first degree in Law, not eligible to take LLM courses, but may be eligible for MA Law courses
  • Linguistics - Field methods not available
  • Music - Performance (Masters) and Performance as Research courses not available 
  • Politics - Unavailable Courses
    • Islam and Political Ideologies (15PPOH007) 
    • Politics of Resistance in the Middle East (15PPOH010)
    • Political Violence (15PPOH009) 

Once you arrive to listing page, please click on the link to find out further information about each course. The course page gives further information on the course: units (1.0 or 0.5); when it is offered (full year, Term 1 or Term 2); who is teaching the course (see the link on the right-hand side of the page) and will provide further details as to the content of the course.

  • Some courses require pre-requisite coursework.  In order to take one of these courses, you will be expected to prove that you have taken a similar course to the pre-requisite at your home institution. 
  • All language courses are taught over one year.  Therefore, if you start in January and wish to take a language, then you must have prior knowledge of the language. The half unit courses are normally not language acquisition courses, but language use i.e. literature, drama.

Course length and credit

We offer both full year courses (1 unit) and half year courses (0.5 unit).  Whether you are coming to SOAS for the full year, Term 1 (Autumn semester) or Term 2/3 (Spring semester), you are welcome to enrol in either full year or half year courses.

How many courses should I choose?

The Study Abroad/Exchange Programme is designed to host undergraduate and postgraduate students who will take a full course load, defined as: 

  • Undergraduate: 4 courses at any given time (full year, Term 1 or Term 2/3)
  • Postgraduate: 3 courses at any given time (full year, Term 1 or Term 2/3) 
  • Note: Postgraduate courses have letters in the code; undergraduate courses have only numbers

Any student on a Tier 4 visa is required to be enrolled full-time for the duration of their studies.  Students not on Tier 4 visas can request to be enrolled less than full-time but must receive explicit approval from their home institution and the Study Abroad Office at SOAS. 

Can I join a full year course if I’m only coming for a half year?

Yes! Study Abroad/Exchange students may join a full year course and only stay for Term 1, or may join during Term 2. You will only be assessed on the material covered while you are at SOAS, and are therefore eligible to take the first half or second half of a full year course.

If you are joining in January, and would like to take a language, you will need prior knowledge of that language to join a full year course, half way through the year. 

Non Study Abroad/Exchange Study Options

Our Study Abroad/Exchange Programme is designed for undergraduate and master's level students to come to SOAS and take a full course load.  

  • If you are interested in only taking 1 or 2 courses at SOAS, you should apply as an Associate Student
  • If you are interested in coming to SOAS as a visiting PhD student, you should apply as a Visiting Research Student.  
  • Unfortunately SOAS does not currently participate in the Student Mobility for Placements (work/training programs) aspect of Erasmus+ Key Action 1. This means that we cannot accommodate any Internships and Traineeships at present.  

Please see our Study at SOAS page for a range of non Study Abroad/Exchange options at SOAS including undergraduate study, postgraduate study, distance learning, foundation courses and summer school.