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Undergraduate Student Finance

UK/EU Tuition Fee Loans

Undergraduate students with UK and EU fee status are eligible for a non-means-tested tuition fee loan from Student Finance or SAAS to cover the cost of their tuition fees.  You repay this loan once you have left university and are earning over £21,000 per year.  Please see the Student Finance website for further information and links to make an application.

Tuition fee funding is normally for the duration of your degree plus one gift year if for any reason you have to take an additional year of study.  Please note that if you have previously studied at undergraduate level, in the UK or elsewhere, for more than one year this may reduce your eligibility for funding.

Refund Policy for undergraduates funded by Student Finance. 

Financial Support for UK Students

Maintenance grants and Maintenance loans are also available from Student Finance for students resident in the UK.  Please see the Student Finance website for further information.

SOAS Undergraduate Financial Support

SOAS offers financial support to undergraduate students – please click on the relevant link for more information:

SOAS Undergraduate Financial Support - Entrants prior to 2012:

UK undergraduate students on the pre-2012 fee system (starting their degree before September 2012) AND with a full maintenance grant are eligible for a SOAS Study Support Bursary.

SOAS Undergraduate Financial Support - 2012 Entrants and after:

UK undergraduates ordinarily resident in England who started their degree in September 2012 or later may be eligible for support as part of the National Scholarships Program and SOAS Study Support.

Enrolment and Student Finance Loan Steps

Step 1 - Tuition Fee Loan application

Apply for your Tuition Fee Loan – you need to apply for a loan for each year that you study.
(Student Finance promise to process applications received from new students by end of May and from continuing students by the end of June in time for the next academic year)

Step 2 - Declaration Form

Sign the Declaration Form and return to Student Finance – this is the final step in agreeing your loan for the academic year.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Step 3 - Confirm Your Details

Complete ‘Confirm my details’ on online enrolment - you will be sent an e-mail with links before Welcome Week.

Step 4 - Loan and Fee 

We will then be able to link up your loan record with your enrolment record:
New Students – you need to have enrolled in person and shown your ID before we can confirm your attendance to Student Finance to release your funding.
Continuing Students - we will be able to confirm attendance once your loan and enrolment records are complete.

Step 5 - Attendance Confirmation

We will make daily returns of completed records to Student Finance from 22 September to confirm attendance.  Please be aware that it can take a few days for the completed enrolment record and loan records to match up.

Step 6 - Eligibility Assessment and Loan Origination

Student Finance will make the first maintenance payment 3-5 working days after receiving confirmation of attendance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Online Enrolment displaying that I am self-funded when I have a tuition fee loan?

    You must complete ‘Confirm my details’ on online enrolment before the Student Finance record can be linked – it can take a few days for the completed online enrolment to match to your loan record.  Please make sure that you have returned your declaration form and allowed time for Student Finance to process it.

  • My Student Finance record is displaying the wrong programme or year – can I change this?

    You can request a Change of Circumstance to correct these details through your online Student Finance account before the start of the academic year.  It can take several weeks for Student Finance to process the change – particularly at the start of the new academic year.  If you have already signed your declaration form or after the start of the academic year you will need to notify fees@soas.ac.uk that you need a change made to your account.

  • My Name or Date of Birth is different on my SOAS record to the one on my Student Finance record – does this matter?

    Yes, if your Student Finance record is different you must request a change as the records will not link up automatically and this may delay your funding.  SOAS verifies your date of birth and name from your passport or ID evidence at enrolment.

  • I am on the Language Year Abroad – can I receive my maintenance early?

    Students on the Language Year Abroad can receive their first maintenance payment in September. You must complete ‘Confirm my details’ on online enrolment before the Student Finance record can be linked and attendance confirmed to release payment.

    For any queries on fees and tuition fee loans please contact fees@soas.ac.uk
    For queries on SOAS financial support please contact funding@soas.ac.uk