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Department of History

Professor Ian Brown

BA (Bristol), MA, PhD (London)


Ian Brown
Department of History

Emeritus Professor

Centre of South East Asian Studies

Academic Staff, Centre of South East Asian Studies

Professor Ian Brown
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History: economic and cultural history


Previous PhD Students

Thet Thet Wintin, 'The Prison In Pre-Colonial Burma', 2006

James Alastair Warren, 'Gambling, The State And Society In Siam, C. 1880-1945', 2007

Michael Dawson Leigh, 'Methodist Missionaries, Society And Politics In Upper Burma 1887-1966', 2008

Apisake Monthienvichienchai, 'Thai Nationalism And The Catholic Experience, 1909-1947', 2010

Tharaphi Than, 'Writers, Fighters And Prostitutes: Women And Burma's Modernity,', 2010

Matthew George Phillips, 'Oasis on a Troubled Continent: Culture and Identity in Cold War Thailand', 2013



Economic impact of inter-war depression on rural South East Asia, particularly Burma; history of the colonial prison in Burma and the Philippines; history of crime in colonial South East Asia


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Available for
  • Briefings
  • Special Study Programmes
  • Short Term Consultancy
Regional Expertise
  • South East Asia
Country Expertise
  • Burma/Myanmar
  • Thailand
  • Thai


Authored Books

Brown, Ian (2005) A Colonial Economy in Crisis. Burma's Rice Cultivators and the World Depression of the 1930s. Routledge Curzon.

Brown, Ian (1997) Economic change in South East Asia c 1830-1980. OUP (Kuala Lumpur).

Book Chapters

Brown, Ian (2011) 'The economics of decolonization in Burma.' In: Falola, Toyin and Brownell, Emily, (eds.), Africa, Empire and Globalization: Essays in Honor of A.G. Hopkins. Durham, North Carolina: Carolina Academic Press, pp. 433-444.

Brown, Ian (2007) 'South East Asia: Reform and the Colonial Prison.' In: Dik├Âtter, F. and Brown, I., (eds.), Cultures of Confinement. A History of the Prison in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Cornell University Press, pp. 221-68.

Brown, Ian (2000) 'Material Conditions in Rural Lower Burma during the Economic Crisis of the Early 1930''s: What the Cotton Textile Import Figures Reveal.' In: Boomgaard, Peter and Brown, Ian, (eds.), Weathering the Storm: the Economies of Southeast Asia in the 1930s Depression. Leiden: KITLV; Singapore: ISEAS, pp. 109-120.

Brown, Ian (1999) 'The Economic Crisis and Rebellion in Rural Burma in the Early 1930''s.' In: Minami/K, R, (ed.), Growth Distribution and Political Change: Asia and the Wider World. Macmillan (London), pp. 143-157.


Brown, Ian (2011) 'Tracing Burma's economic failure to its colonial inheritance.' Business History Review, 85 (4). pp. 725-747.

Brown, Ian (2010) 'Death and Disease in the Prisons of Colonial Burma.' Journal of Burma Studies, 14 . pp. 1-20.

Brown, Ian (2009) 'A shooting incident at Insein Prison, Burma, in 1947.' Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 37 (4). pp. 517-535.

Brown, Ian (2009) 'British firms and the end of empire in Burma.' Asian Affairs, 40 (1). pp. 15-33.

Brown, Ian (2007) 'A Commissioner Calls: Alexander Paterson and Colonial Burma's Prisons.' Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 38 (2). pp. 293-308.

Brown, Ian (2005) ''Blindness which we mistake for sight': British Officials and the Economic World of the Cultivator in Colonial Burma.' The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 33 (2). pp. 181-193.

Brown, Ian (1999) 'Tax Remission and Tax Burden in Rural Lower Burma during the Economic Crisis of the Early 1930's.' Modern Asian Studies, 33 (2). pp. 383-403.

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