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Department of Financial and Management Studies (DeFiMS)

Professor Laurence Harris

BSc (Econ) MSc (Econ) (London)


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Department of Financial and Management Studies (DeFiMS)

Professor of Economics

Professor Laurence Harris
Email address:
020 7898 4051/ 4050
SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
Office No:
Office Hours:
By Appointment


Courses Taught
PhD Students supervised
  • Eleanor Morrison, Energy Market Implications for Emerging Market Debt Markets
  • Konstantin Makrelov, Financial and Real Economy Interactions in South Africa: A Stock and Flow Analysis
  • Serena Merrino , Israel, Palestine: using the same currency, fighting the same war.

Before founding CeFiMS I have taught at the London School of Economics, University of California Berkeley, Harvard University, Birkbeck University of London, the Open University, and University of Zimbabwe.

I have been a visiting scholar at the University of Cambridge, and the International Monetary Fund.


  • Corporate finance
  • Ethics and Finance
  • Central Banking and Macroeconomics.


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Available for
Regional Expertise
  • East Asia
Country Expertise
  • Korea South


Book Chapters

Harris, Laurence (2003) 'The Dynamics of Globalization: Eight Sceptical Theses.' In: Aryeetey, E. and Court, J. and Nissanke, M. and Weder, B., (eds.), Asia and Africa in the Global Economy. Tokyo: United Nations University Press, pp. 23-38.

Harris, Laurence (1998) 'How Credible are Credibility Models of Central Banking?' In: Arestis, P, (ed.), The Political Economy of Central Banking. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp. 20-37.

Harris, Laurence (1998) 'The Effects of Globalization on Policy Formation in South Africa.' In: Baker, Dean and Epstein, Gerald and Pollin, Robert, (eds.), Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy. New York: ME Sharpe Armonk, pp. 413-427.


Scaramozzino, Pasquale and Fattouh, Bassam and Harris, Laurence (2008) 'Non-Linearity in the Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from UK Firms.' Empirical Economics, 34 (3). pp. 417-438.

Fattouh, Bassam and Harris, Laurence and Scaramozzino, Pasquale (2005) 'Capital Structure in South Korea: A Quantile Regression Approach.' Journal of Development Economics, 76 (1). pp. 231-250.

Scaramozzino, Pasquale and Fattouh, Bassam and Harris, Laurence (2004) 'Non-Linearity in the Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from UK Firms.' CeFiMS Disscussion Paper No. 43 .

Harris, Laurence (2000) 'Asia''s Schumpeter Crisis: Fundamentals and Financial Market Interaction.' Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, 11, no . pp. 125-138.

Harris, Laurence (1996) 'Keynesian Policy in Disarticulated Economies.' International Review of Applied Economics, 10; 1 . pp. 157-161.


Scaramozzino, Pasquale and Harris, Laurence and Nguyen, Tho Dinh (2006) Uncertainty and Investment in an East Asian Economy: A Firm Level Study of Thailand. Centre for Financial and Management Studies Discussion Paper No. 63.

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