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Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy

Dr Zidane Meriboute


Zidane Meriboute
Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD)

Research Associate

Dr Zidane Meriboute


Zidane Meriboute studied in Constantine, Geneva and Strasbourg.
He holds a law and International Relations degree and a Ph.D. from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, Geneva.

He lectured at the Universities of Geneva, Constantine/Algeria and Tunis (II) and was an Academic Visitor at the University of London ( Faculty of Law, SOAS-in 2002) and today, partially, he is a Research Fellow (SOAS/CISD).

He was a delegate of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Tehran and Baghdad (1990-1991) and head of the ICRC Permanent Mission to the OAU/AU (1997-1999).

Currently, he holds the position of Senior Consultant within the ICRC Unit in charge of the contacts with the religious leaders in Africa.

His research interests are : Islamism, Sufism and Evangelism in Africa ; The nature of modern Islamic States.



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  • "La Fracture islamique : demain le soufisme?", Fayard, Paris 2004 et Hibr Editions, Alger 2009, 371 p.;(The book has got an Award "Prix des Spiritualités d’Aujourd’hui, 2005", Centre de littérature/CML/Perpignan/Paris, Chaired by the famous orientalist André Chouraqui.)
  • "Islam’s Fateful Path: The Critical Choices Facing Modern Muslims", I.B.Tauris, London, 2009, 246. p. (Translated into English from the original book: “La Fracture islamique”.  Volume adapted and increased).
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