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Thomas Marois

BA, MA (University of Alberta); PhD (York University)
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Thomas Marois
Department of Development Studies

Senior Lecturer in Development Studies

London Middle East Institute (LMEI)


Centre for Ottoman Studies


Neoliberalism, Globalisation, and States

Research Cluster Convenor

Labour, Movements and Development

Research Cluster Member

Dr Thomas Marois
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0207 898 4503
SOAS, University of London
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG
Russell Square: College Buildings
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Tuesday 10-12 (Term 2)


Thomas Marois works in the field of comparative political economy and development. His case study focus is on middle income or emerging capitalisms, notably Mexico and Turkey. The social relationships of power between states, banks, and labour are central aspects of inquiry therein. More and more, Thomas is interested in examining contemporary examples of alternative banking and development strategies, which he sees as vital to breaking with neoliberalism. In addition to his academic posts, Thomas has worked in the NGO, private, and public sectors in Canada and Latin America. Thomas completed his PhD in the Department of Political Science, York University, Canada.



My research has to date focused on a critique of neoliberal and finance-led strategies of development in emerging capitalisms. This continues to be the core of my research program, which also includes problems of privatization, ownership, and control. Increasingly, however, I will be investigating alternatives to market-oriented neoliberalism, particularly in the area of finance. I am interested in supervising students who are exploring critical aspects of development.

I am also participating in the European Commission Framework Programme Seven research project (contract number : 266800), Financialisation, Economy, Society and Sustainable Development (FESSUD), as part of the Turkish team at the Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara, Turkey.


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Authored Books

Marois, Thomas (2013) Devletler, Bankalar ve Kriz: Meksika ve Türkiye'de Yükselen Mali Kapitalizm. Ankara: NotaBene Yayinlari.

Marois, Thomas (2012) States, Banks and Crisis: Emerging Finance Capitalism in Mexico and Turkey. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Edited Books or Journal Volumes

Yalman, Galip and Marois, Thomas, eds. (2016) The Political Economy of Financial Transformation in Turkey. Abingdon; New York: Routledge. (Forthcoming)

Pradella, Lucia and Marois, Thomas, eds. (2015) Polarizing Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis. Pluto Press.

Book Chapters

Marois, Thomas (2016) 'State-Owned Banks and Development: Dispelling Mainstream Myths.' In: Erdoğdu, Mustafa and Christiansen, Bryan, (eds.), Handbook of Research on Comparative Economic Development Perspectives on Europe and the MENA Region. IGI Global, pp. 52-72. (Advances in Finance, Accounting, and Economics (AFAE) Book Series)

Marois, Thomas and Güngen, Ali Rıza (2016) '(Re)Making Public Banks: The Case of Turkey.' In: McDonald, David, (ed.), Making Public in a Privatized World: The Struggle for Essential Services. London: Zed Books. (In Press)

Marois, Thomas (2015) 'Banking on Alternatives to Neoliberal Development.' In: Pradella, Lucia and Marois, Thomas, (eds.), Polarizing Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis. Pluto Press.

Marois, Thomas and Pradella, Lucia (2015) 'Polarising Development – Introducing Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis.' In: Pradella, Lucia and Marois, Thomas, (eds.), Polarizing Development: Alternatives to Neoliberalism and the Crisis. London: Pluto Press, pp. 1-12.

Marois, Thomas (2012) 'Finance, Finance Capital, and Financialisation.' In: Fine, Ben and Saad Filho, Alfredo, (eds.), The Elgar Companion to Marxist Economics. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Journal Articles

Marois, Thomas and Güngen, Ali Rıza (2016) 'Credibility and Class in the Evolution of Public Banks: The Case of Turkey.' Journal of Peasant Studies.

Marois, Thomas and Muñoz-Martínez, Hepzibah (2016) 'Navigating the Aftermath of Crisis and Risk in Mexico and Turkey.' Research in Political Economy, 31. (Forthcoming)

Muñoz-Martínez , Hepzibah and Marois, Thomas (2014) 'Capital Fixity and Mobility in Response to the 2008-09 Crisis: Variegated Neoliberalism in Mexico and Turkey.' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 32 (6).

Marois, Thomas and Gungen, Ali Riza (2014) 'The Critical Role of State-Owned Banks in Turkey’s Development.' Development Viewpoint (75).

Marois, Thomas (2014) 'Historical Precedents, Contemporary Manifestations: Crisis and the Socialization of Financial Risk in Neoliberal Mexico.' Review of Radical Political Economics, 46 (3). pp. 308-330.

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Marois, Thomas (2012) 'Türkiye’de Yükselen Finans Kapitalizminin Yorumu.' ResearchTurkey.

Marois, Thomas (2011) 'Emerging market bank rescues in an era of finance-led neoliberalism: A comparison of Mexico and Turkey.' Review of International Political Economy, 18 (2). pp. 168-196.

Marois, Thomas (2010) 'The Role of Labour in Shielding Mexican Banks from the Financial Crisis.' Development Viewpoint (48).

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Marois, Thomas (2006) 'From Rigged Elections to Popular Education in Toronto.' Relay, 14. pp. 33-35.

Marois, Thomas (2005) 'From Economic Crisis to a ‘State’ of Crisis?: The Emergence of Neoliberalism in Costa Rica.' Historical Materialism, 13 (3). pp. 101-134.

Working Papers / Reports

Marois, Thomas (2013) State-owned banks and development: Dispelling mainstream myths. Municipal Services Project.

Marois, Thomas and Gungen, Ali Riza (2013) Reclaiming Turkey's State-owned Banks. Municipal Services Project.

Marois, Thomas and Güngen, Ali Riza (2013) Türkiye'nin Devlet Bankalarını Geri Kazanmak. Municipal Services Project.

Yalman, Galip and Türel, Oktar and Marois, Thomas (2013) Comparative Perspective on Financial System in the EU: Country Report on Turkey.

Muñoz-Martínez, Hepzibah and Marois, Thomas (2013) Capital Fixity and Mobility in Response to the 2008-09 Crisis: Variegated Neoliberalism in Mexico and Turkey. Research on Money and Finance.

Marois, Thomas (2011) The Socialization of Financial Risk in Neoliberal Mexico. London: Research on Money and Finance, Department of Economics, SOAS.

Marois, Thomas (2009) Emerging Market Bank Rescues in an Era of Finance-Led Neoliberalism. Research on Money and Finance Discussion Papers.

Book Reviews

Marois, Thomas (2013) 'Review of 'Alternatives to Privatization: Public Options for Essential Services in the Global South' (ed. by McDonald, D.A. and Ruiters, G).' Progress in Development Studies, 13 (4). pp. 342-345.

Marois, Thomas (2007) 'Review of 'From Pinochet to the ‘Third Way’: Neoliberalism and Social Transformation in Chile' by Marcus Taylor (2006).' Capital & Class, 91 . pp. 143-145.

Marois, Thomas (2006) 'Review of 'México frente a la mundialización neoliberal' [Mexico Facing Neoliberal Globalization] by Héctor Guillén Romo (2005).' Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 27 (1).

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