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Dr Avril A Powell

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Avril Powell
Department of History, School of History, Religions & Philosophies

Emeritus Reader

Dr Avril A Powell
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History. Region: South Asia. Pre-colonial & British India (not contemporary S. Asia)

Previous PhD Students

Saqib Nadim Baburi, 'Beyond the Akbar Namah: Padshah Namahs and Official Regnal Chronography for Shah-Jahan Padshah I (r.1037/1628-1068/1658)', 2013

Shahla Rahman Young, 'Changing Women’s Lives: A Study of Government Schools for Girls in Late Colonial Bengal', 2013



Islam and Muslims in South Asia Relations between Christianity and Islam in S.Asia School textbooks (specifically History) Gender & Islam (historical)


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Edited Books or Journals

Powell, Avril and Lambert-Hurley, S, (eds.), (2005) Rhetoric and Reality: Gender and the Colonial Experience in South Asia. Delhi: Oxford University Press (Delhi).

Book Chapters

Powell, Avril (2006) 'Islamic Modernism and Women's Status. The Influence of Syed Ameer Ali'. In: Powell, A.A. and Lambert-Hurley, A., (eds.), Rhetoric and Reality. Gender and the Colonial Experience in South Asia.. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 282-317.

Powell, Avril (2006) 'Scholar Manqué or Mere Munshi? Maulawi Karimu'd-Din's Career in the Anglo-Oriental Education Service'. In: Pernau, M., (ed.), The Delhi College. Traditional Elites, the Colonial State, and Education before 1857.. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp 203-231.

Powell, Avril (2006) 'Indian Muslim Modernists and the Issue of Slavery in Islam'. In: Chatterjee, I. and Eaton, R. M., (eds.), Slavery & South Asian History. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp 262-86.

Powell, Avril (2003) '"Pillar of a New Faith": Christianity in Late-Nineteenth Century Punjab from the Perspective of a Convert from Islam'. In: Frykenberg, R.E., (ed.), Christians and Missionaries in India. Cross-Cultural Communication since 1500.. Routledge Curzon, pp 223-255.

Powell, Avril (2002) 'Modernist Muslim responses to Christian critique of Islamic culture, civilization and history in northern India'. In: Brown, J and Frykenberg, R, (eds.), Christians, Cultural Interactions and India's Religious Traditions. Wm B. Eerdmans Publishing Co, Routledge Curzon, pp 61-91.

Powell, Avril (2000) 'Reciprocities and divergences concerning religious traditions in two families of scholars in North India'. In: J, ed, (ed.), Perspectives of Mutual Encounters in South Asian History 1760 - 1860. Brill (Leiden), pp 188-222.

Powell, Avril (2000) '''Duties of Ahmadi Women'': Educative Processes In the Early Stages of the Ahmadiyya Movement'. In: Copley, Antony, (ed.), Gurus and their Followers: New Religious Reform Movements in Colonial India. Delhi: OUP, pp 128-156.

Powell, Avril (1999) 'History Textbooks and the Transmission of the Pre-Colonial Past in NW India in the 1860s and 1870s'. In: D, ed, (ed.), Invoking the Past: The Uses of History in South Asia. OUP (Delhi), pp 91-133.

Powell, Avril (1997) 'Processes of Conversion to Christianity in 19th Century North Western India'. In: G, ed, (ed.), Religious Conversion Movements in South Asia: Continuities and Change 1800-1900. Curzon Press, pp 15-55.


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