Customised short courses

Customised training courses

We deliver training programmes customised to your organisation’s needs.

Many of our bespoke programmes have a particular focus on a specific country or region, topic or industry, and we will work closely with you through a process of needs analysis to establish the key objectives and priorities for your audience and to select the most appropriate expert to deliver the training.

Programmes are designed to be as interactive as possible, with an emphasis on relevance to the workplace and the key learning objectives of the client.

Customised training can be delivered either at SOAS or at the client's premises, in the UK or overseas. We work with partners in the private, public and third sector.

SOAS Enterprise has long-standing relationships with a number of overseas Ministries of Foreign Affairs who request tailored briefings for senior diplomats being posted to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Typically these briefings are for one or two days and cover a range of topics including historical, political, economic and cultural background.

They are a highly valued opportunity to talk to experts about specific issues affecting the region the diplomat will be working in to ensure they are prepared for the particular challenges they will face on the ground.


If you have any queries about customised training at SOAS, please get in touch with a member of the team by filling out our enquiries form.