Centre for Comparative Political Thought


The Centre for Comparative Political Thought was established in June 2014. It is home to the core research group for political theory in the Department of Politics and International Studies at SOAS.

The Centre promotes the study of political thought from everyday political thinking to philosophical texts. Beyond the regions and traditions that have traditionally framed comparative work in political theory, our work engages with concepts as a means to examine political thought and practice in different times and spaces. Toward this end, the Centre fosters innovative collaboration designed to rethink comparative approaches and the foundations for conceptualising the global/political.

The Centre’s primary purposes are to promote research and teaching in political thought, broadly and innovatively construed: beyond the text and beyond the West. That is, we seek to look at the world, at cultural objects, at political action and much more, as part of the materials from which theory can emerge and be done. The Centre is the home for the MSc Political Thought.

The Centre is chaired by Hagar Kotef and is open to all members of SOAS staff.

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