Centre for Gender Studies, South Asia Institute, Department of Religions and Philosophies & School of History, Religions and Philosophies

Dr Sian Hawthorne

Key information

Department of Religions and Philosophies Academic Staff, SOAS South Asia Institute
PhD (London)
Russell Square: College Buildings
Email address
Telephone number
020 7898 4215
Support hours
Mondays 11:00 - 13:00

Research interests

Narrativity; Cultural Memory; Religion and Gender; Feminist Historiography; Postcolonial theory; Postsecularism and gender; Intellectual history in the study of religions.

PhD Supervision

Name Title
Jens Augspurger The Politics of Spiritual Tourism: Kinship Romanticism and Correspondence with Imagined Homeland (Working title)
Erum Nazeer Dahar To what extent are Muslim women's organisations in the UK influenced by Islamic feminism and impacted by organisational stigma? (working title)
Dr Monika Hirmer Cosmic households and primordial creativity: Worlding the world with (and as) Devī in a contemporary Indian Śrīvidyā tradition
Miss Amina Khatun Muslim women mystics: The faith stories of contemporary British Muslim women in the transnational Bani Alawiyya Tarīqa of Hadhramawt
Yeonju Lee Korean New Religions and the Construction of Nationalism
Florence Shahabi Sayyid Bahodine Majrouh: an intellectual biography
Mr Thomas Sparrow Masculinity and Secularism in Historical and Contemporary Frame
Jacquelyn P. Strey Queer Moments, Queer Imaginings: The everyday activism of queer women in India
Ruth Westoby Gendered constructs in Haṭha Yoga
Amelia Wood Yoga, Power and Gender: An Investigation into the Abuse of Power by Modern Gurus (working title)


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