Request a certificate

Requesting a transcript or certificate

Please note, due to the current situation with Covid-19 and staff working remotely, transcripts can only be sent via email in a PDF format. We can issue transcripts via email to current students and former students who have completed their programme of study from 1999 onwards. We will not be able to issue a hard copy until further notice. As we can currently only provide PDF copies of transcripts, there will be no charge for this service. To request a PDF transcript please email

Students who graduated prior to December 2019 up to December 2013, who require a duplicate or replacement certificate can order a duplicate certificate at a cost of £40. Orders can be made via the online store.

Order a transcript

Please read before ordering

  • No transcripts will be dispatched until the appropriate payment is received (please see below).
  • The quoted charges include first class postage within the UK and airmail postage to overseas addresses.If you require express delivery for your transcripts, you can do so by requesting this when placing an order through the SOAS online store. There is an additional charge of £40 for this service. Please ensure that you inform us of a contact telephone number at the delivery address when ordering this service.
  • Normally transcripts can be prepared within 8 working days from the receipt of the application. However, during busy periods, it is likely to take longer for requests to be processed.
  • If you order transcripts to be sent to different addresses e.g. to different universities or prospective employers, please complete a separate request for each address.
  • If you wish to receive a PDF copy of your transcript, just enter an email address in the delivery address field.
  • If you have any additional instructions concerning your transcript order or have forms which need to be completed and sent alongside your transcript, please email  

How to order a transcript

Please order through the SOAS online store, following the product catalogue to University Services. Please read the guidance before ordering.

  • Former students and graduates, who completed their programme of study in or after 1999. There is a charge of £5 per transcript.
  • Former students and graduates, who completed their programme of study up to and including 1998. There is a charge of £10 per transcript
  • Current students may request up to 10 transcripts for free. Only confirmed results will be included. Please complete the transcript request form.

Degree Certificates

Awards up to and including July 2013

 All degree awards were made by the University of London. Certificates were produced and despatched by the University of London Diploma Production Office, who can be contacted by phone on +44 (0)20 7862 8302 or by email at,

  • if your certificate was not delivered. It would have been returned to them. They can arrange for a new delivery.
  • if your certificate is lost or damaged and you need to order a replacement. There will be a charge for this service.

Awards from December 2013

 All awards are made by SOAS University of London. Certificates are produced and despatched by an external printing company.

  • Each graduate is entitled to one free copy of a certificate confirming the award made to them by SOAS.
  • Bulk orders are made twice a year following confirmation of awards in the summer and winter. Once the order has been placed, an electronic version of your degree certificate and academic transcript is made available through PremierCert + (PremierCert). You will receive an email from PremierCert with instructions on how to access your documents online and give access to third parties. 
  • Once you log on to PremierCert, you should see your documents listed and a magnifying glass symbol to the left. If you click on the magnifying glass, a PDF of your document should open. Different browsers have different behaviour, however you must ensure that pop-ups are not blocked. Please contact if you need to reset the password to your PremierCert account.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the address for delivery of your certificate held in SOAS records is correct. Alternatively, if you would prefer to collect your certificate from SOAS please email

Duplicate Certificates

Awards from December 2013

For earlier awards, please consult Awards up to and including July 2013 (University of London). For awards from December 2013 see below.  Please read the guidance on this page before ordering.

You can order a duplicate certificate at a cost of £40 if:

  • You have lost the original copy.
  • You did not receive the original copy by the above deadline but failed to inform SOAS of this at the time.
  • An original certificate was posted to an incorrect home address as you failed to notify SOAS of your correct home address by the deadline set.
  • You have changed your name. We will require official proof of the name change (e.g. deed poll, marriage certificate). You must also return the original certificate to us.  

Please order through the SOAS online store, following the product catalogue to University Services and then select Duplicate certificates. If you wish to order a duplicate certificate and you want this to be couriered to you by 'Express Delivery' please make sure that you order both 'Duplicate Certificate' and 'Express Delivery' options in the SOAS online store at a total cost of £80. Express delivery is currently unavialable as staff continue to work remotely due to Covid-19.

Certified copy of your Degree certificate

To request a certified copy of your degree certificate, please send an email to attaching a scan of your certificate. Please give clear instructions on how and to whom the certified copy should be returned.