Greatest needs

Why give?

Gifts from our donors help remove financial barriers and give all students an equal opportunity to success at SOAS and beyond, regardless of financial background and personal circumstances. 

Donations to the Greatest Needs Fund are vital for SOAS and our students. They enable us to be proactive with how we channel aid to our students. Through this fund we can provide support to the areas with the most urgent need and respond quickly, allowing us to address our strategic priorities, plan ahead financially and respond to emerging needs during the academic year. 

Your donation to this fund allows to have flexibility and explore where the greatest need is, in order to support a wide range of projects. It can provide aid to deserving students from disadvantaged backgrounds through a number of programmes, including hardship relief, bursaries and scholarships. 


US-based donors

US-based donors can support important causes that help bring important educational opportunities to high-achieving students and to support the world-renowned academics as tax-efficient gifts.