College of Humanities


For more than 100 years, researchers at SOAS have contributed to scholarship on the arts, humanities, language learning and linguistics through a focus on the peoples and communities of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and their diasporas. 

The College of Humanities is focused on learning from these regions, seeking to understand them and analyse the important and varied knowledge they generate through creative arts, culture, history, linguistics, literature, media, philosophies and religions. Our research and teaching are grounded in non-western, decolonial and inter-cultural perspectives. 

"The College of Humanities is a special place. It brings together so many perspectives on the crucial questions of our world and, in doing so, creates a community of learning that feels unique and immersive. 


By design, we are different from other places to study and do research, and together our students, staff, alumni and institutional partners make a visible impact."

— Graeme Earl, Head of the College of Humanities

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