Why give to SOAS?

When you donate to SOAS, you play a pivotal role in educating future activists and peacemakers, and your contributions directly shape the future of policy, human rights, and global economies.

SOAS is dedicated to the humanities and social sciences, and has a unique focus on the developing world. Africa, Asia, and the Middle East are not just areas of study at SOAS; they serve as perspectives through which we comprehend the pressing global issues of our era. 

We play a vital role as a conduit between Western systems and the Global South. This exchange between distinct knowledge systems is crucial, considering that the challenges we face today are inherently transnational. Your donation plays a vital role in supporting our efforts. Here at SOAS our Advancement team is committed to ensuring your experience as an alum, supporter or friend to the School is the very best it can be.

We invite support for a range of areas and welcome gifts of all sizes. Thank you for contributing to the development and success of students at SOAS and enabling them to thrive.

How we're using your donations

As part of our Strategic Plan (PDF, 2.4MB), SOAS is committed to reimagining itself for the 21st century. This strategy recognises the Global South not just as subjects of research, but as regions that offer profound insights into the transnational issues that unite us.

There are numerous ways and areas in which your support can make a difference:

  • Providing students with a unique SOAS education through scholarships and bursaries, ensuring that talented individuals have access to transformative learning opportunities.
  • Developing and strengthening collaborations between SOAS and high-quality universities across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Engaging alumni, friends, and partners to actively participate in the life of the institution as volunteers, advocates, and supporters.
  • Providing support to the most vulnerable students and assisting those who are in need and taking some of the financial burden off their shoulders
  • Support us in remaining a research-intensive institution as well as establishing international partnerships especially with institutions in the Global South.

By contributing to these efforts, you become an integral part of a community of supporters shaping a better future, fostering global understanding, and empowering the next generation to make a positive impact on the world.

US-based donors

US-based donors can support important causes that help bring important educational opportunities to high-achieving students and to support the world-renowned academics as tax-efficient gifts.