Sophia University, Japan

SOAS–Sophia University Graduate Dual Degree Programme

The Department of Japan and Korea at SOAS, in collaboration with Sophia University's Graduate Programme in Global Studies (GPGS) is delighted to offer a Graduate Dual Degree Programme. 

The Dual MA is based at Sophia University, as Japanese Master’s programmes are typically 2-years long, and SOAS contributes to it by offering its MA in Japanese Studies as an option for students originally enrolled at Sophia University.

For SOAS students there is the opportunity to continue studying in Japan for a further year after first completing the MA in Japanese Studies at SOAS. Students proceeding to Sophia University can add any one degree within the GPGS at Sophia University, while students coming from Sophia must choose the MA Japanese Studies from SOAS.

Students will study 1-year at GPGS and 1-year at SOAS. Only upon successful completion of both the MA Japanese Studies at SOAS and the corresponding 1-year element at Sophia will students receive two MA degrees, one from each institution.

For students considering enrolment through SOAS

Applications are made to the 1-year MA Japanese Studies programme at SOAS.

The continuation at Sophia is an optional add-on that has no impact on how the MA Japanese Studies is taught at SOAS and its normal rules and regulations apply.

For students considering enrolment through SOAS, this is an opportunity to add one year of study at Sophia University, after they have completed the taught elements of their MA in Japanese Studies with SOAS.

However, students should indicate interest in the possibility to continue to Sophia University upon the point of application. Only upon being accepted by Sophia University in a separate application procedure (please see below), can the students proceed to Japan. The fees for the MAs are to be paid separately to each institution.

Application procedure

Prospective students should apply in the first instance for the MA programme at the institution where they intend to commence their studies. Applicants for the MA must fulfil the criteria for acceptance adopted by both institutions:

For more information on the programme and on how to participate, please contact the Global Partnerships team:

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