Information Compliance

Information Compliance at SOAS

This page provides information and guidance relating to SOAS's compliance with information legislation, including records management.

Data Protection at SOAS

The Data Protection page covers how to submit a Data Protection request; the School's Data Protection Policy; our Privacy Notices; information about who we share personal data with; how to report a personal data breach; when and how to carry out a Data Protection Impact Assessment; how we use personal data in academic research; and FAQs.

Freedom of Information at SOAS

The Freedom of Information page provides guidance on how to submit a Freedom of Information/Environmental Information request; the Freedom of Information Publication Scheme; Freedom of Information and Data Protection appeal procedures; the Freedom of Information Staff Guide; Guidance for committee servicing.

Records Management at SOAS

The Records Management page covers our policy, procedures, guidance and advice on how to better manage your electronic and paper records, as well as the retention schedule and guidance on how to dispose of records and identify and manage vital records. There are also some handy tips on how you can take small steps to improve the way you manage your records.

Copyright and Intellectual Property at SOAS

The Copyright and Intellectual Property page contains guidance on UK copyright law and other IP issues for SOAS staff and students, including how to place material on the Bloomsbury Learning Environment without infringing copyright; copyright and paper course packs; guidance on the School's Copyright Licensing Agency licence; copying which is permitted for educational and teaching purposes under the exceptions in copyright law; copying for disabled people; and copyright guidance for users of the SOAS Library.

The School's Intellectual Property Policy and commercialisation procedures can also be found on this page,

Practical Information Compliance

How does information compliance affect your studies? Or your work? The Practical Information Compliance page (forthcoming) will be broken into sections for students, academics and administrative staff at SOAS. If you want to know how copyright and data protection affect your thesis, or what you're allowed to copy for use in teaching, this is the place to start.

For further information on these areas, please contact the Information Compliance Manager at the following address:

Information Compliance Manager
Information and Technology Directorate
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
United Kingdom