Students with children and partners

Living with a partner and children

There is a range of accommodation options for students who are moving to London with their children or partner. There are studios and flats available in university halls of residence, housing associations and privately run halls that offer family accommodation, as well as private rented accommodation. Your choice depends on your budget and your personal preference.

Please contact SOAS accommodation office if you are intending to bring your partner or children at

Private halls of residence

International Student House offers flats for couples and families for international students. There may be a waiting list so apply early where possible.

Goodenough College offers accommodation for post-graduate students with partners and/or up to three children. They offer a range of scholarships designed to support students who might not otherwise be able to live there, including 2 family scholarships of £2000 per year.

Nansen Village has a range of studios, flats and bungalows for post-graduate students with families. They run a regular parents and children’s group and there is a privately run nursery for tenants and local children in the village.  

Housing associations

Zebra Housing offers studios and flats for international students with partners and/or up to two children. Students are able to stay for the duration of their studies, however this means there is a lengthy waiting list so you need to apply 3-6 months in advance.

Ducane Housing Association offer affordable housing for post-graduate students and their partners/children. They operate a points and date order waiting list system. Waiting list times are 12-18 months minimum from date of application.

Private housing

There are usually no restrictions in private rented accommodation about bringing your partner/children, but you should be clear with the landlord who will be living with you. Make sure you think about your budget as living with your partner/children will increase the amount of rent you pay.